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by Pasuchau

Hi there,

I am building a size 52 tarmac disc with the new enve aero bar, am planning on to use the new barend di2 junction, but not sure about what cables and what length i should get, is a 1000mm cable enough to connect from the barend to the junction b?

Thankyou guys for your help and reply in advance

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by Saussiecycling

I run junction b into one of the shifters. Then join the 2 shifters together and then a short run from one of the shifters to the bar end. If you need to remove the handlebars later it’s going to be much easier.

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by Weenie

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by kode54

you probably need 1200mm unless the junction B is closer to the downtube. also, depends on your bar width, but i would think you would be using something close to 40-42.

you plan on cutting the ends off of the SES bar ends?
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by Pasuchau

I will be running a 38/42 ses bar, and yes... planning on cutting the barend for a cleaner build

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by Frisco

I used the Y cable in the bars (EW-JC130) plus a short wire to go from the bar end plug junction to one shifter,. The Y cable connects to a 950mm cable which runs inside the frame down to the bottom bracket junction, using the in-line wireless which hangs in front of the head tube. I had some slack on the 950nm wire but not all that much, and if you wanted to route all the way from the BB to the bar end you might need the 1600mm wire to be safe but should use a string to measure how much you need.

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