UV clear coat protection on carbon frame?

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by spectastic

i don't like the pj on my tcr, so I would like to strip paint off and apply some kind of UV and clear coat protection. I'd like advice on some options available. UV protection goes without saying. I'm also wondering if it'd be wise to get some kind of resin protection to protect the carbon from rocks. I do plan to use this for some gravel riding. Also, is it necessary to apply the coating via spray application, or do you think I can get away with just painting it on? what are the pros and cons of each? any suggestions for products to use for best finishing result? Thanks

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by jorisee01

I didn't clear coat my frame but used 303 protectant instead. Apply it every month and your good.

https://www.amazon.com/303-30313-CSR-Pr ... B00KN0UOEE

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by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

The best rattlecan clearcoats are the 2K ones with the fine vertical mist nozzle and a catalyst that gets mixed when you break a seal through the bottom of the can. Bear in mind these products contain isocyanates and you should never use them without a quality respirator mask (not some shitty N95.) Even with the respirator, you should only spray in an area with really good ventilation (or just do it outdoors.)

Mask off any bits you don't want clearcoated. Spray from between 10-15cm...always start your spray with the can already moving and off the area you want sprayed. 2 passes per coat, wait at least 10 minutes between coats, apply 3 coats since you won't have any primer or paint underneath.

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by Marin

You don't need UV protection unless you leave your bike out in the sun 365 days a year like a boat.

2k clear is more or less the same thing as the epoxy matrix the carbon is embedded in anyway, so if your sanded & polished frames looks good enough you can just leave it like that.

When I strip bars or seatposts I usually get a decent finish by sanding with fine grit and then using car polish to finish it off.

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by wilwil

If UV was a problem to carbon bikes wouldnt owners of the C64 be in trouble? It looks to me like the tubes on the C64 are raw carbon but could be mistaken.

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by Vjl

Armor All regularly.

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by AJS914

Armor All - gross. I wouldn't put that greasy silcone spray on anything I own. 303 Protectant is really good.

by Weenie

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