Upgrading Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 to Di2

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by jencvo

Hi guys! I'm new here, did my very best to search the forum and the web but couldn't find a direct topic.

I am looking into buying a new 2019 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1, I can get a good price on it. I like everything on the bike but would like to have it set up as Di2. Spoke to an agent on their website, he said Giant ships all bikes with necessary gadgets and adapters to make it happen, which is great. My question was, does anybody have any experience on upgrading any TCR model to Di2? What length cables would I need for that particular job, is it possible to run internal junction box A and since the bike had external cable guide for mechanical underneath the bottom bracket, would I still need to remove the BB I assume? Thanks for your tips or links to where I can figure it out!

by Weenie

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by dricked

I’ve converted two giants now to di2 and both were similar. The BB needs to come out, you can run an internal junction, measure for wires once you get the bike. How you run the wires will depend on the group set and their available ports. You’ll need to order the rubber grommets for the wires possibly but they only cost a few dollars and I’d order them when you order the cables. If you get a set of bars pre drilled for di2 it makes running the wires easier/cleaner.

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by StEvO1222

I upgraded my 2016 TCR Pro 0 from mechanical to Di2. I was able to do so without removing the bottom bracket.
I installed an internal junction "B" box at the bottom bracket area and used the EW-RS 910 Junction "A" in the handlebar end.

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by vanmatthew

I also upgraded my 2016 TCR Pro to Di2. I took the bottom bracket out though to install it. Left the 4 port junction B slightly above the bottom bracket. When I took the cables out of my 2015 Defy Advance Pro, they put zip ties around the cables to keep it from moving in the tube. So I just copied them.

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by vanmatthew

Also, the TCRs have the front derailleur hole covered with a rubber cover.

Also, they use a different rubber cover where the cables enter the top of the downtube. You'll have to order that as well unless it comes with the bike. The cover (which is screwed on) for the mechanical cables are too small for the Di2 cables. Luckily I was able to grab the rubber cover from my Defy. If not you're only option is to drill through the plastic mechanical cable guide.

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