Better than Reynolds Attack?

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by Kermithimself

I have a set of Reynolds Attack that weigh 1405 grams with rim tape, so the claimed weight of 1365 is pretty spot on. However, I'm wondering if there are better alternatives out there when it comes to a low weight carbon clincher that can be had for the equivalent of 700 GBP +/-. Are there any carbon clincher rims that are around 400 grams? Or is the Attack a pretty decent wheelset in that respect?
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by Weenie

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by pdlpsher1

There are some Chinese carbon rims with claims that they are less than 400g. But I wouldn't do it if I were you. At your stated budget I don't think there's anything lighter than 1,400g. 1,400g. is pretty light. As a reference my Bora 35 Ultras weigh 1,353g. without rim tape (no rim tape needed). You can also use Veloplugs to save some weight. I don't know how much your rim tape weighs but Veloplugs are much lighter than rim tape.

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by addictR1

Or you can remove the rim tape and try using Stan’s tubeless 19mm tape.

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by Multebear

For carbon rims, you might take a look at these ones. ... rface.html

I’ve been looking at them for quite some time now for a a light wheelset for climbing. Paired with a light hubset, you’ll easily get below the 1400 g mark.

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by oldturd

re: rim tape.. I just bought a roll of Scotch Film Strapping Tape 8898 to try as rim tape. I'll let sit for a bit before deciding if I'm set on it..

Applying, it was 4g a wheel compared to the Roval tape which were 24g each..

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