Specialized Power Cranks

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by sethjs

I have been using them on a new Venge. Compared to SRM and Quarq, it feels like the power numbers bounce around more. Then noticed the cadence seems to bounce around more, which would impact the power numbers in the same way.

Wondering if others who've used them plus an SRM or Quarq have noticed the same?

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by RussellS

Not an answer to your question. But the Specialized power cranks are 4iiii power meters. Have you done a search on Google and elsewhere to find if they have the traits you are talking about?

by Weenie

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by TobinHatesYou

4iiii PMs have always been pretty bad about instant spikes. Not sure if it’s cadence value related or not. SRM uses magnets, so it’s going to get more accurate cadence measurement (though maybe not micro-accelerations inside of one full revolution.)

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