Future 11 Speed Campagnolo Record/Super?

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by MyM3Coupe

Was curious if Campy will continue to offer 11 speed as well as the 12 speed variant. The 12 speed group seems geared (no pun intended) towards people in steep terrain. No 18 tooth gear and stuff like that. To me, and other flatlanders, it’s a worthless group.

I hope 11 speed comtinues to be offered and developed.

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by avispa

You should read the last few replies on the Campy 12 speed thread...

And I agree with you. It’s kind of a waste to us flat landers.... but let’s wait and see. One good thing about all this is that you see lots of 10 speed Campy stuff for sale on eBay. Perhaps we would be buying Campy 11 cheap soon!

by Weenie

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by AJS914

Campy has said that Chorus will continue as an 11 speed group but who knows how long that will last for.

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by ParisCarbon

I think you'll still be able to get parts years from now.. the thing is that you will still pay the price for it.. even old 135bcd 11S Super Record cranks are still floating around if you look hard enough.... I was dead set on swapping my DA Di2 to Campy SR EPS but now Im thinking it may not be such a good idea with EPS 12s literally around the corner.. some places are starting to put some of the EPS V3 stuff on sale, but it still is not cheap! Being a flat lander as well, those top 4 cogs are totally useless to me... my 11s blocks are all 11-23 and I'm usually in the 53X18-11 pending wind...

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by graeme_f_k

11s will continue to be supported for some long while to come.

It's only in the last 3 years that full support for 10s Chorus and Record has been gradually cut down and that's be out of the range since late 2008/early 2009.

RDs, levers etc are generally swapped to spare parts codes, though - so some of the on-line retailers. many of whose websites take a feed from wholesaler's stock availability, may not show these parts as available. That's a shortcoming of the software, not of the product support ... Pre 2015 11s is still fully supported in this way (contrary to much I read on the web ...)
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