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Stearns & Foster Mattress Co. has returned into the luxury market after a failed effort to penetrate the very low end market throughout the 1980s. Stearns & Foster's advertising approaches have remained unchanged since the 1800s with all the focus on budget co op marketing programs with retailers. Its advertising efforts comprise customer and databases.

Mattress manufacturer returns focus to luxury the Hallmark of its advertising and marketing campaigns

Stearns & Foster Mattress Co., a 147 year-old bedding manufacturer, is coming to its advertising roots following a painful lack of attention in the 1980s.

The Company built its reputation although not brand recognition by restricting its supply developing a cache enclosing its own products making high quality of the line luxury futon mattresses.

It Was a pioneer in creating new futon mattress manufacturing methods that improved its standing in the area as the high excellent manufacturer.

However, Following an acquisition in 1981, the management needed to diversify Stearns & Foster's product lineup to compete with end makers, part of this futon mattress marketplace where the firm had no brand or background consciousness. Choose the most comfortable futon mattress here: ... g-reviews/

"Stearns Sells top end, luxury goods, higher quality. The positioning is relaxation and luxury. The best quality materials are used by us. We'd always been , but we'd gotten away from it," states Michael Kitz, Stearns & Foster's marketing manager. "The attention to detail, the more additional bits, is our gap."

Its Marketing techniques have varied little It depends on point of purchase promotions and displays in addition to budget co op advertising programs a little a bracket of commerce advertisements, with merchants.

So Much, the back into the upcoming marketing and advertising campaign is paying for Stearns & Foster, now a component of Sealy Inc..

"Since We've doubled our company. We attempted to take our legacy and really delve right into it," Mr. Kitz states.

Past the buggy

That Heritage started in 1846 when Stearns & Foster was set by George Stearns and Seth Foster as a manufacturer of fine upholstery to get end horse, in Lockland, Ohio.

The Guys had devised a procedure bunting a means therefore the cotton remained better to process the material.

In Stearns, 1885 & Foster chose to choose the cotton technologies an emerging group, in to bed.

As On creating the futon mattresses with carriages, it concentrated.

Early Print advertising concentrated on cotton and the high excellent standard and ran about 1907 1908 in The Saturday Evening Post.

An Trade effort in Furniture World sterile facilities functioned and criticized the conditions of Stearns & Foster's bedding plant. (See excerpt from Class, this webpage.)


Early Slogans and taglines have been"A Stearns & Foster Tag onto a Mattress Stands for All That's Greatest" (1905);"For Your Sleep That Rests Refreshes" (1909); and"A Great, Refreshing Night's Rest" (1909).

Finding Chance in question

One Was while opponents had plants in a variety of locations, that it had just 1 plant in Lockland.

Since Shipping was by railroad car and bedding is a item, Stearns & Foster needed a supply challenge. To resolve the issue, department store balances which would purchase a good deal of futon mattresses simultaneously to make it cost effective to send them were searched by the business.

That Proved a fantastic marketing move because Stearns & Foster's superior product placement was precisely what department stores were searching, Mr. Kitz states.

In The 1920's and 1930's, the organization's mattresses were offered in Marshall Field & Co. shops in Chicago, Bloomingdale's in New York and Sterns Department Stores in New Jersey, while goods from rivals like Sealy and Simmons Co. wert offered by down scale retailers.

The Department stores latched on the hook"exclusive bedding" for Stearns & Foster because clients could not get the newest at furniture shops. The merchant played up that stage of distinction in marketing campaigns, Mr. Kitz states.

Searching A greater profile

Throughout The years, the business was a pioneer in product creation. Regardless of this, Stearns & Foster still has comparatively low brand consciousness and just about 2% of the U.S. market, putting it into ninth or 10th place among 700 bedding makers. (Sealy is the industry leader with 19%.) To improve its profile, Stearns & Foster is currently beginning its consumer marketing.

New Direct mail and Consumer print ads, through Leo Burnett USA, Chicago, will concentrate on the craftsmanship of the mattress manufacturer.

The Positioning/theme lineup for the brand new campaign is"You Deserve a Stearns & Foster."

The Plan comes on the heels of wrangling that sent the company to a promotion tailspin it is pulling from and what's been two decades of revitalization for your bedding business following a decade of possession struggles.

Tough Times from the'80's

A String of maneuvers from the early 1980s left Sealy & Foster and Stearns under precisely the exact same ownership, which attempted to expand the Stearns & Foster product line to add end solutions.


More Wrangling resulted in the firms being acquired in 1991 by Zell Chilmark Fund, a Chicago based investment fund that's directed.

Stearns & Foster and Sealy incorporated sales and operations forces in 1994, and now a sales force of 200 sells the two brands and you will find 20 plants, Mr. Kitz states.

Stearns Racked up considerably earnings in 1996, increasing 49 percent to roughly $50 million from 1995.

In 1995, earnings were up 21 percent from 1994.

Revenue Profits are credited to a renewed focus on the luxury consumer marketplace and improved supply, Mr. Kitz states.

The Crucial store sales increased 23, although company added more vendors in 1996 over 1995.

So While new retailers are taking the futon mattresses, Stearns & Foster's long term retail spouses are also promoting more, Mr. Kitz states.

The Placement back to high end goods is reflected in the pricing of the company.

As Recently from $399 to $ 1,499, mattresses ranged as 1993. Now ranges from $799 to $3,000.

Restricted advertising

Stearns & Foster spends roughly $5 million to $6 million a year op marketing programs by retailers, that get content for access, in addition to TV, radio and paper advertisements to some marketing plan.

Burnett Handles the advertising program in addition to work.

Arras Cleveland, group, develops that the promotion kits and manages in store point of purchase. Foster & stearns spends annual.

No b to b marketing

The Firm does not do transaction advertisements.

"We Do not do b to b marketing that we run advertisements in trade magazines stating'sell our beds' We've done that in years past but it wasn't a significant thrust," states Mr. Kitz.

Stearns & Foster's future advertising will include customer oriented attempts and database.

Brand Consciousness is key

Mr. Kitz states"we believe we could improve our earnings and our merchant partners' earnings by boosting brand awareness and certainty concerning our brand.

"We Have the devotion of any manufacturer that is mattress new. That will account for 30 percent of our sales. The other 70 percent is sold on the retail floor," he states.

"We have Got to improve the amount of folks who think [Stearns & Foster] is your best."

RELATED ARTICLE: The Worth of Trade Papers

Manufacturers Employing trade newspapers can manage to observe for replicate thoughts in the columns. Plenty of great points have been turned up that fit to the revenue discussions. Cincinnati, the Foster & Stearns Company reproduced in its webpage Advertisement from the Furniture World, a post that had appeared on the planet, New York On the topic of conditions together with proper, in bedding plants Comment about the methods utilized from the Stearns & Foster plant... Trade publishers must examine their columns for Material of this sort. The advertiser will love getting them.
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