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by jdess123

Looking for suggestions for a good, light (of course) medium depth carbon clincher wheelset for disc bikes. Maybe 35-50mm depth, around 1500g or less if possible.

by Weenie

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by wpccrunner

Industry 9 has a few new sets
i9.35: 35mm depth, 1355g, clincher
i9.45: 45mm depth, 1495g, clincher

Bontrager Aeolus XXX 4: 47mm depth; 1455g, clincher

theres a got to be a lot more options out there

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by spdntrxi

Roval CLX50.. low 14's as well
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by NealH

The Roval CL(X) 50, or the CL(X) 38.

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by MRM

I think at 60 mm (clincher) the Bontrager Aeolus 6 xxx are the lightest at 1530g.

Roadsailor has 60 mm clinchers at 1485g, but no one seems to have ever tested them.

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by morganb

If you want something less conventional, MCFK 45 or 55 are in the mid 1300-1400g range and tested well aero wise in the tour test.

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by bm0p700f

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by TobinHatesYou

Advertised weights almost always don’t include the weight of valves and rim tape or proprietary rim strips in Bontrager’s case. One of the only brands that includes all of that in its advertised weights is Zipp, and they are spot on.

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by Klaster_1

A shameless plug, but my wheels came out at ~1206g: 46mm tall, 28mm wide, clinchers. Parts are Extralite CyberHubs, Light-Bycicle RR46C02, Pillar X-TRA Lite Ti and Pillar DSN, add ~100g if you want CX-Rays and ~50g for wider, taller RR56C02.

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by jhalmar

My Roval CLX 50 disc wheelset is 1416g (front 650g / rear 766g) with original tubeless valves and rim tape.

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by shoon

If I have the money, I would like to try out the bontrager Aeolus XXX4. Seems light, aero and good in crosswind
Enve is generally light but ex. If u choose that, go for the carbon-ti hubs. Much cheaper than their carbon hubs

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by moyboy

Using MCFK 35 clinchers with extralite hubs, been to italy with them not an issue, also weighs ~1200 grams and my day to day set.

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by vanmatthew

How aero are the MCFK 35 clinchers? Do you have anything you compare them to? People mention the tour test but I can't find it.

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by bm0p700f

I don't think they are very aero. First of all they are not deep but hambinis blog is revealing. Very blunt rims like these don't deal with changes in yaw angle well. Even on a straight road the yaw angle is always changing. With blunt rim the flow seems to separate and not reattach leading to extra drag. I suspect youll have a more aero and therefore fast wheel with the kinlin xr31t disc brake rim even though it 130g heavier than the MFCK rim.

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by Weenie

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