2018 Pegoretti MxxxxxO - one of the last

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by dadoflam08

In April my wife and I visited Dario for a new bike for me - an anniversary present. Dario was charming, compelling and entertaining - it was like a morning coffee with a friend. Last month the frame arrived, complete with some personal messages incorporated into the paint design and a painted flower dedicated to Jennie (I did say charming)

It went for its maiden ride just a week before we got the news of Dario's passing - which was very upsetting to learn for both of us. The bike is indeed a joy to ride - the famous Pegoretti handling and ride characteristics that owners praise and revere were very evident. It was never going to be a bike I considered selling, but, for both its riding enjoyment, and memories of a brief time spent with a unique genius, it will always be treasured.

Dario was very impressed with the new Campy 12x when we talked about the potential build and so this was always on the list. It is a very different gruppo from the last SR 11x, in a good way. To me the whole point of Campy is lost with electronics so this becomes my 16th bike with mechanical Campagnolo. I like everything about the bike a lot. Finished weight is a shade over 8kg but I will employ a few of my reliable discrete WW tricks to get it down to 7.99kg - on principle. Enjoy

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by Weenie

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by beeatnik


That chainwrap doe!

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What a ripper of a bike Dadoflam! Bike No.16 but i'm sure it will be the most cherished of all of them.

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by jbaillie

Such sad news this - one of the real OG framebuilders and such an amazing artist too. Frames were canvasses with him.

This is a stunner, enjoy it.

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by Clean39T


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