Calling all Cipollini RB1000 owners. Please HELP!

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Good morning All Cipollini RB1000 owners.

My rear seat clamp bolt sheared and i couldnt find the nut on the track.

Can somebody please send me a picture from their bike of the rear seatpost cradle nut please.

I cannot source one and looks like i'll have to try and make one for a temporary fix. Also is the bolt M4?

I've attached a picture of it from the catalouge but can't see what shape the nut is etc.

Thanks in Advance.
cipollini bolt.png

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by vlastrada

Just to clarify, that looks like a pre-2017 RB1K, the one with the ISP, not the new "the one" RB1K with a seatpost?

Not many people have RB1Ks and unfortunately i sold mine, but if you let people know in which country you are based, and confirm it is a pre-2017 RB1k, that could help people to direct you to alternative sources.

I just checked, which used to have a huge array of Cipo spares and bolts online, but unfortunately they no longer stock Cipollini...

I should think official Cipo retailers should be able to tell you the specific size, and hopefully source that bolt reasonably quickly

In the US R&A (NYC) would be a good bet, in the UK:

by Weenie

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