low profile carbon clincher wheels for racing

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by jarn90

Hi Weightweenies,

I am thinking about buying a new wheelset for racing specifically for hilly races and mountains. 30mm is the max height i want for the rim and of course as light as possible, Also i am going for a Carbon Clincher type, as i have a high profile tubular wheel for flat races. However i think i need some advice/user experience on some wheels before i buy one.

I am not going to spend more than 1.300€ - 1.200£ and i have found some options myself which i hope some of you have tested.

- Reynolds Attack - https://reynoldscycling.com/products/attack

- Token C28 Zenith - https://www.tokenproducts.com/wheels/road-wheels/c28

- Token C22A SG Zenith - https://www.tokenproducts.com/wheels/ro ... 73-c22a-sg

The Tokens are lighter but the rims are thinner than the Reynolds. The Reynolds are also light but have a more wide rim.

Other suggestions are also welcome!


by Weenie

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by LeDuke

If you’re considering Token, you might as well consider buying some rims from a well reputed Chinese company and building the wheels yourself with the hubs and spokes of your choice.

Will almost certainly be cheaper, with better hubs, than what Token is selling. And maybe lighter depending on the hubs and spokes.

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by sungod

carbon clinchers and mountains?

leaving aside that tubs will probably be lighter and that they tend to fail safe, unlike clinchers (i.e. if you get a flat descending fast/twisty sections, a flat tub will generally be far more controllable/safe than a flat clincher), if you have a lot of braking the heat build-up in the rim can be more serious than with tubs

if you are happy with tubs on the flat, i'd stick with them

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by eugenechristophe


I think that nowadays there´re good choices if you look for it to buy, like for example the Campagnolo Hyperon wheelset. They are great, maybe not the lightest if we compare with newest wheels that´re in the market, but honestly there are a good choice.

I recently buy a pair of it for 700€ in clincher version, obviously in second hand market. They work great, the rim are nice and the feelings in my place (I live close to the mountains) are incredible with this pair of wheels. On the other hand, they are not as striking as Bora for example.

So my suggestion goes to Campagnolo Hyperon.

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by alcatraz

Get tubs if you absolutely need crazy light. For speed you can't really beat a set of 404s laced with light hubs and spokes.

As long as the race isn't 10+ degree average and ends on the top of a mountain you will arrive faster to the finish line.


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by themidge

You might as well go for alloy if you want shallow clinchers, it'll probably be cheaper for the same weight too.

by Weenie

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