2018 Scott Genuis- Need Advice

Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by Sloth241

Love the bike but it is heavier than I would like.

Magura MT8's on the way. Going to run Storm SL Rotors.
Carbon wheels with Pillar 1420 spokes and DT240 hubs are on the way.
Seat change out for Selle Carbino.
Going to change cranks for Race Face Next SL's.

Advice would be appreciated.

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by LeDuke

Good first swaps. Those would be what I’d do, too. But, at some point you have to acknowledge the fact that it’s a 150mm FS mountain bike.

If you go too light on some parts, you’re simply not going to be able to ride terrain that the bike was designed for.

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by Weenie

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by wingguy

Which Genius? Hard to say what's worth swapping without knowing where you're starting.

Personally I never saw the point of having the Twinloc attached to the fork, so I'd save a couple of grams by binning that cable :P

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by theblaze

I would check out @dangerholm on instagram. He is building up a lightweight (I think 27 or so pounds) Scott Genius and you could check out what he is doing on his build and take some ideas.

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by scant

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by Gullholm

Like wingguy says, which Genius?
And like theblaze and scant said, feel free to have a look at my build for a bit of inspiration!

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by mattr

FWIW, i got my (26") genius down to slightly over 23.5lbs. Think it was the 2006 MC20 model, only things still stock on it were frame, fork and headset.

It was pretty much unrideable at anything like the capabilities of the frame. To make it rideable at that weight would have involved investment at the level of Gullholm, and i've not got the time for that, or the budget, with a dozen bikes to keep on the go! (Patience i'm short on as well!)

It's now more like "about 28lbs" (not weighed it for years) but can hurl it down anything i choose to. Actually been trying to break it for some time so i can replace with something a little more current, not doing too well at that either.

It's still got nothing stock on it bar frame, fork and headset..........

by Weenie

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by Sloth241

It is a 2018 Scott Genius 700 Tuned. But I am running 29 inch wheels and tires.

I will check out the links. Thanks for that.

Want to make it lighter without sacrificing performance.

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