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by cshong88

Now that disc brakes have been approved by the UCI and the increased use at the TdF this year, I'm a bit more persuaded to invest in a disc race bike as my next bike. Curious to know:

1. what are people's thoughts or insights into prevalence of disc brakes next year at the World Tour level? If they get widely adopted at the World Tour level, how quickly might we see this trickle down to the amateur racing scene?
2. interested in the cervelo r5 disc - it currently comes in around ~16 lbs with pedals etc. - how to shave a pound off to uci weight minimum without going crazy with extra costs?

by Weenie

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by TonyM

1. Many amateur are already using disc brake bikes as they were legal in many countries for racing (at non UCI level).
And yes the adoption by WT teams will accelerate the adoption at the amateur level indeed.

2. At the moment the approx. 500g additional weight due to the disc brake system is quite expensive to get away by having other lighter parts.
Either you live with these 500g or you spend $$$ (stem, handlebar, saddle, crankset, cassette, wheels, etc...)

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by moldman

1. I'm thinking 2 to 5 years until the top pros adopt. I bought mine this year.

2. Plus 300g in your best case. The bike weight will be heavier, but you will get lower rotational weight!!

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by crazybaboon

My r5 disc is 7.6 kilo/16.7 pounds, but it is a 61 cm.
Shouldn’t be hard to lose a kilo as that was with roval clx64 wheels with a ultegra cassette, speedplay 65mm steel spindle pedals and absolutely no weight weenie parts.
Full 9100 Di2 Dura Ace except for the cassette, as that creaked to much!

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by nesfyl

Don't have an opinion on the R5, but I've been riding the R3 disc for some time, my impressions here: https://www.cyprusroadie.com/blog/2018/ ... 3-disc-di2

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