Any feedback on the garmin speed and cadence sensors (the magnetless ones)

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by mdeth1313

As my GSC-10 speed/cadence sensors are getting older, I was looking at the magnetless speed/cadence sensors that mount on the hub and crank arm. Does anyone have any feedback on their performance, lifespan, etc and or comparison to using the GSC 10 with magnets?

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by coriordan

No issues whatsoever. Have gsc-10 on one bike and the hub based one on another. Both fine.

The cadence sensor on the new one does seem to be vunerable to being snagged and ripped off.

by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

I have the wheel speed sensor and it works fine. Battery life seems to be about a year. I only use it while on the rollers in crumby weather otherwise I strikely go off the GPS in my Garmin Edge 520. No experience with the cadene sensor.

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by kode54

i had a set, but ended up getting rid of them. they just look fugly. didn't care for them. i wing it and use the GPS in my Garmin.
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by shuttlenote

No issues as well.

I don't use the speed sensor either, just rely on Garmin headunit.

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by mattr

I "lost" mine.

Except I didn't, they've been strapped to my training bike (black hubs, black crank) and just doing their thing ever since i got them. So about a year.

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by Bogan

No issues whatsoever. I have the speed and cadence sensors.
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by sib

I have two genuine Garmin speed sensors and a cheap Chinese copy - all three work flawlessly.

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by mdeth1313

Thanks for the feedback. I need the speed sensor as I tend to have long sections of riding under cover of trees, which is fantastic on hot days, but you watch your speed drop 2-5 mph because of the interference. I've had this w/ the original garmin edge 305, then the 500, and now with the 800.
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by Calnago

I tried the magnetless Garmin sensors for awhile. Then took them off. Didn’t like the ugly brick on my hub. But it also seemed to take a while to “connect”. The magnet based sensors are immediate and reliable. Since they don’t make the GSC-10 anymore I’m using the Wahoo sensor... it’s small and easy to fit, and looks good I think.
I don’t like using gps only based speed as, like you point out, it’s easy to lose the signal in canopied wooded areas, cities and tunnels. You can always tell when signals are being lost when riding in a group through wooded areas. Beeping all over the place.
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by nickf

I use the speed sensor on my mountain bike. Works great at low speeds and when there is a lot of tree cover. Road bike Its GPS only.

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by spdntrxi

ugly but work for me..connects fast
GPS speed for me is garbage and I dont trust it.

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by TonyM

I tried them and they do work good! But so ugly.....

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by zebragonzo

I use the cadence sensor on my cross bikes. Works no problems for me. I like the lack a sensor that can twist slightly around the chainstay and start rubbing against the crank/spoke magnets.
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by desperado95219

I have the magnetless sensors on two bikes. The speed sensors work perfectly for me...every bit as well as the old magnet version. The cadence sensor also works fine, but the black band that holds it on the crank arm makes black marks on my white shoes no matter where I mount it on the arm.

by Weenie

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