Light cables/housings for mechanical Izalco disc

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by mike001100


just a quick show of opinions... looking to replace the handlebars on my Izalco and re-do the cabling along with that... any tips on something lightweight, that will work with mechanical calipers?

For example, I thought about Powercordz, but the way they attach to the TRP Spyres I have rules out any looping... so I'm not sure they would work

Thought about Jagwire iLinks, they seem to be highly praised... but, what about frame rub, don't the alu links dig into your paint if they touch?

Lastly, considered some lightweight housing, but I'm not sure it would be compressionless, which seems to be quite important for mechanical disc brake bikes...

The Izalco has a mechanical Dura Ace groupset and is routed externally - so there are quite short pieces of housings in terms of shifters HOWEVER the bike uses full length housing for brake both front and rear, so I'm guessing I could save some weight there...

Thank you :)

by Weenie

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by kdawg

I don’t know if that’s somewhere I would try and lose weight - I’ve got those brakes too and they were rubbish until I upgraded the housing to something stiff (Jagwire worked for me). Now they feel really good so going the opposite way to something lighter feels like it would be a significant downgrade.
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by jeanjacques

Before went hydro (as you will do), I was with Spyre too. Jagwire Elite Link for derailleurs and front brake. Had to put some rubber ring at contact point. For the rear break, doesn't matter if it is compression less or not so I choosed Clarks Zero G, lighweight alloy housing and plastic outer so no rub problem. Frame size 57, full housing rear and front brake, 144g all include.

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