saddle carbon rail cracked repair (diy)

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by josemari220

In first times I thought that carbon was unrepairable, but after a fistfull of success woks, now I think it is quite easy thing.
Now is time to repair a carbon rail of an specialized, romin saddle.
Here you are some pics of the process
Please, do not throw to trash your expensive carbon parts. Look for help to somebody with skills to do theese repairs. They are reliables and cheap.
sillin romin rail roto preparacion.JPG
sillin romin rail roto primera capa.JPG
sillin romin rail roto tercera capa.JPG
sillin romin rail roto terminado detalle.JPG

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by KarlC

End result look pretty good, got link to where you bought the materials ?

by Weenie

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by wheelbuilder

Nice. You are killing it with all these carbon repairs!
Never cheer before you know who is winning

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by mag

Excellent :D
Please describe also your repair process and stuff you used. At least briefly.

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by Marin


Yes, please post material sources & process steps - that would be a big help.

by Weenie

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by josemari220

Thanks everybody for support.
It is necessary minimal skills to the job, but nothing special. You can find many videos about carbon repair step by step.
I bought materials in ebay. You need carbon fiber cloth and laminating epoxy resin. some sand paper, a brush, solvent, normal cloth, plastic film and an old inner tube.
The process is to prepare the area to repair, put pieces of carbon cloth, wet them with epoxy resin, wrap it with a full of holes plastic film, then an absorvent cloth, and press all the sandwich wraping it with a long tape of elastic rubber, or a shrinkable tape. With it you compress a lot the wet carbon cloth, and the epoxy excess goes out through the holed plastic, to the absorvent outer cloth. You let it cure and you can discover the result. Sand it to get smooth surface and repeat until job is completed.
The broken rail takes me 4 stages. I prefer to repeat more times, than put a very thick layer that is more difficult to control.
You can see complete step by step proccess pictures in my other post about repair a Sram Red crank.


I hope it will be usefull for some of you.

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