Upgrade to C60 sees a downgrade in performance

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by Calnago

Tri guy brings his bike to me last Thursday for a going over. Was shipping it to California for a race the next weekend so he wanted it in tip top shape. Was complaining that he didn’t seem to be able to generate the same power as before (he doesn’t have a powermeter). I looked it over for anything weird... hubs, BB, etc. but all was good. Lubed the chain. Suggested he get some tighter compression socks. We will discuss the race results when he’s back and have a few laughs over a bottle of wine.
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by bilwit

bultaco370 wrote:
Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:40 pm
Changing to a supposedly better frame may not guarantee better performance if the new frame does not suit you for some reason (size or geometry for example). I know a local time trialist around here who landed a sponsorship deal with a local bike shop who supplied him with the latest Giant TT bike etc, etc. His performances dropped compared to his old steel time trial bike which he had been riding for years up until that point. He ended up going back to his old bike but had it badged up with the shop's name etc.
I would suggest swapping the wheels over to make sure they aren't the root cause of the issue, but if that doesn't help, you might just have to accept that the frame doesn't suit you.
More of a fit/setup issue unless they just can't achieve the same position on the other frame. Tony Martin a few years ago complained about his new "aero optimized" position compromising his performance so he ended up going back to this tried-and-true setup and won the Worlds after.

Don't know if the OPs two bikes have the exact same drop/reach/etc but even little changes can effect performance until your body adapts to the new position. Just like going from road bike to TT without putting any time into the TT position
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by dogrange

micky wrote:2 years ago I purchased a C59 which I sold after 1 month because I couldn't stand the flexy bottom bracket (I was using same wheels as on other bikes so it wasn't a wheels problem).
Now I do have a C60 which is much much better, can't complain, so I would say totally opposite experience than yours.
Right, maybe the C60 is too stiff for the OP. I am serious, I have a double oversized reel frame and a similar standard frame that is noticeably more flexible feeling. I am faster and more comfortable on the more flexible frame, by a lot. I get in the stuff frame and it feels like I am pedaling against a brick wall and my legs start fatiguing right away.

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