Bitex raf10/RAR9 hubs bearings run rough

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by JoO

I just bought 2 hub sets Bitex RAF10/RAR9 for building new wheels with velocity Quill rims.

I received the hubs today. When I turn the axis by hand there is a lot of resistance.
When I hold the centre of the hub in one hand and I turn the axis with the other hand the the pawls in the freehub start to click.

I guess this is not normal. Is there some sort of adjustment that can be done on these hubs?
Are there some known issues with these hubs?
Should I send them back?
Is there something else I could try?

by Weenie

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by Ltyarbro42

This may not always be the case, but the two sets of Bitex I have both felt this way new. After a few hundred miles they are smooth. Though it does crop back up at 4-5k, but with a good service they are normally ok.

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by JoO

I notice there is a rubber dust cap on the freehub body. could this be a source of drag?

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by tabl10s

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by kavitator

Clean outer rubber dust protector - it must be clean of oil and grease. And tap the endcaps with wood or rubberr hammmer form both sides

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by JoO

Finally I have built up my wheels. Still had too much friction for my liking.
After carefull examination I guessed the connection between the inner bearing and the freehub was to blame.
I had bought an extra freehub and used an extra washer that was supplied with it.
This washer is 15 mm in diameter about 1 mm thick and less than 1 mm thick.
It only touches the inner race of the bearing in the hub.

Results: the wheel now spins super smoothly.
Perhaps usefull for other wheel builders here (bitex hubs are used by Bikehubstore and others)

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by alcatraz

Did you add the washer between freehub/hub or between freehub and dustcap?

There should be a washer pushing against inner races of inner hub bearing and inner freehub bearing. As for the dustcap you might have created a gap and risk contaminating your outer freehub bearing.

It's probably ok though. Nice work fixing the problem.


by Weenie

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