Neil Pryde Nazare 2015 – Build

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by humanstrobe

It’s been three years since I built up my Kinesis Aithein (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=130346) which has been a fantastic main bike. It’s been raced plenty and taken on multiple holidays and long days out with no major issues. There has been a few changes along the way, sadly moving away from the weight weenie aspect for practicality reasons.

Here is how it sits today, and I’ll be taking nearly all the build kit/groupset onto the new bike.

(changed to Rival Power2Max, Rival callipers, various more sensible wheels and other contact point changes, a few battle scars here and there too!)

This won’t be a bike porn build or an insane WW project but I love the process of reading these threads so I’d like to give back to the community in my own humble way.

I first saw a club mate ride this frame a couple of years ago and really loved the colour scheme, that satin blue is fantastic in person! When he came to upgrading himself I was first in line, so picked up a real bargain with a few extras thrown in too.

Unfortunately there was significant chainstay rub from a badly dished wheel, it had been ridden like this for a while but I wouldn’t be comfortable knowing there was a failure point in a crucial area.



Luckily I know Andy at Magnafibre ( and he rustled up a fantastic repair for me, sanding down to remove the damaged areas and patching up with a couple of new layers of carbon before respraying.


Will hopefully be cracking on with the build this week so I’ve stripped and cleaned as much of the frame as possible.

It has a praxis BB30 adapter already installed so I’ve knocked out the NDS bearing ready to be replaced by this ... _info.html to use the GXP cranks.

I read this online from other forums but does anyone have experience of this? I figured it would be worth a try instead of getting involved with more adapters etc.

I also dismantled the most involved headset expander I’ve ever seen:

I had to use the brass sleeve anchor bolt as pictured to pull the fixed star nut part of the expander out – top tip!
The outer sleeve is a longer knurled thin peice of aluminium, would this be worthwhile keeping to reuse - better to spread the load on the internal steerer tube?
The total weight for this was 72g so should be able to get lower fairly easily.

And because we’re on weight weenies:

Frame with bottom bracket, F+R mech hangers and inner cables for guide:


I do like the frame but I’m a bit annoyed at how many time it says “Neil Pryde” all over it, I was thinking about removing the main name on the downtube, would this like strange if it was plain? I might just tape over it to start with and then sand away if it looks alright.
Also it came with a full length rear brake cable outer, is it possible to install different stops and have bare cable inside for better performance? Or is the difference not that great?

More to come this week!

by Weenie

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