New Mavic Open Pro Max Tire Pressure

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by pocari123

Hi everyone, I recently got a pair of the new mavic open pros built up and decided to use it with a pair of 25c Hutchison Fusion 5 galatik tubeless I had lying around. I know mavic doesn’t recommend using anything other than their own tires but I was lazy and figured it shouldn’t make that much of a difference.

I also noticed this sticker that came on the rim... Image

Is this “87psi max” warning because of mavic’s tubeless 28c tire (of which mavic recommends and has a max pressure of 87psi) or is it due to the structural defect of the rim? I don’t recall my R460 rims coming with such a warning and at such a relatively low pressure too.

I plan on running at around 90 (I know it’s high for tubeless , it’s just a personal preference) and was wondering if it is safe for the open pro rims to do so

I tried my local mavic dealer but they haven’t even heard of the new open pros so they couldn’t help at all.

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by Weenie

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by pdlpsher1

The max pressure on a rim is related to the tire cord tension that is trying to pull open the rim bead. At a fixed pressure, the tire cord tension is a function of the tire width and a rim’s internal diameter. Since Mavic doesn’t know what size tire a customer will use they will assume the worst cast scenario which is likely a 28. For example if you use a 23mm tire you may safely go above Mavic’s max pressure. Likewise if you run a 32mm you need to go much lower. If you are using a 25mm you’ll be fine with 90psi. I hope this helps.

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