Are Tufo tubulars any good?

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by wilwil

Looking for a cheaper tub than Vittoria G+ or Continental Competition for general use. Are Tufo any good? Namely the S33 Pro?

by Weenie

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by Kayrehn

I find it too stiff to be a nice riding tubular. Uses it for a short while then changed to Vittoria G+ Speed which is almost comparable in terms of weight.

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by darnellrm

I have had good luck with the Tufos. I can't remember the last one that wasn't worn down to the casing before taking it off ( no flats ). I can't make it through 2-3 weeks with any of the "feel good" tires.


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by tomycs

I've used a few sets of the S33Pro in 24mm width. Upside: it's lasts ok for the price in good weather, it's cheap, I've used mastik1 with them and while being initially quite tight, they always gave a good secure bond and they were always easy to align on my 25mm wide rims.
Downsides are: confort isn't that great (comparable to Continental, butyl tubes tubs), rolling resistance isn't that great (not huge drawback, it hasn't stopped me from keeping up with people, but def. slower than other more performance oriented tubs like Vittoria Corsas), puncture resistance isn't that great. All in all this means it's not as good as Vittoria for speed or as puncture resistant as a Conti Gatorskin for bad weather.

So it's a tubular of mediocre performance, for good weather, that is relatively cheap to own and replace.

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by ms6073

There was a time when many of the WW cognoscenti would reply with something to the effect of 'friends don't let friends ride on Tufo tires'. :beerchug:
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by srshaw

I have some ancient tufos on my old bike that sits on the turbo. They seem pretty robust. Not sure they're the best to ride on the road though. I used them as a winter tyre before essentially retiring that bike to turbo duties. I put some sealant in and never had a puncture.

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by ico

For general riding you can hardly find anything better than Conti sprinter either 23 or 25mm version. Seriously. I use Tufo as a spare, only because they roll up very small.
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by Chans1ee

Best advantage of tufo tubular is, tubes in that that tyre is vulcanized to rest part of tyre.
So it seems like tubuless tubular tyle, so tufo tyre is very good anti-puncture ability on a par with tubuless.
I attach a picture that i cut my tufo hicomposite carbon tyre.
tube is vulcanized into one piece.

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by prebsy

Only rode them for cx... roll like shiiiiiiet but impossible to flat.

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by Geoff

Well, you kind of 'get what you pay for' in the world of tubulars. Yes, Tufo is less expensive, but they do not ride as nicely as true, hand-made tubulars, or even your Conti Comps, which lots of guys accuse of being akin to a garden hose. I still have a pair of S33s in-service and they have proven to be very durable. It is fair to say that they wouldn't be my first recommendation, but they aren't as bad as some say (having said that, I started-out on iron-curtain Barum tubular tires...)

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by trimenc

I have used them with good success. They are light weight, durable and pack up really small. I have not had the "terrible" experience others have had with them.

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by Matt28NJ

Ugh, horrible experiences with Tufo. Multiple tires that had major quality issues. Hard pass.

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by TwiggyTN

Tufo's have their good and bad qualities. They don't roll or ride as nice as say a Veloflex, especially over rough pavement. But they're durable and light. I have them on some of my training wheels and they do the job just fine. Never had a QC issue either with Tufo, but I have had them with Veloflex, FMB, Continental, and Challenge so go figure. The newer designs are better and work with the wide wheels that are all the rage now. (Elite S3, Elite Pulse 25's, and Elite Ride)

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by Weenie

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by tommasini

To the OP- what does "any good" mean to you.

Tufo's fail miserably in rolling resistance tests unless you inflate them to rock hard pressures...and even then its obviously quite debatable (and measureable by others than me) that the rough ride will further lower real life efficiency. Very uncomfortable with such high or even "normal" pressures. (e.g. garden hose readily comes to mind).

Otherwise they seem to be difficult to flat and provide a decent number of miles.

The lighter ones do prove to be a lightweight & compact spare tubbie (good to carry).......that's where I'd suggest they have their only strong point.

So "Any Good" is in the eye of the beholder.......

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