Differences between Cipollini models

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by Look595

I am confused with all the models in the line up of the Cipollini. Who can explain to me as i am looking to get one as a new bike. Any major differences between the RB1K vs RB1K(The One) vs NK1k in particular?

Thanks for the replies in advance.

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by wheelsONfire

You'd be best off asking a authorized Cipollini dealer or mail Cipo this question (in detail questions).
Looking at the Cipo web, it seems the One is a refinement over previous RB1K.

Dealers who specialize at these bikes, which are highly niche. They should know more and also rely a bit on feedback from customers.
I mean, who on this forum do you think know all these models inside out?

The obvious, The One for instance, is even longer and lower than NK1. Also, NK1 is sold with a carbon cover (kind of a spacer) you can use high or low.
This raises or lower your handlebar. NK1 is probably closer in reach and stack to other bikes. The One however, is really among the extremer talking long and low.

https://www.mcipollini.com/files/pdf/as ... s-NK1K.pdf

Look at page 13. Look at 9 and 10 on parts list.
This is a carbon cover/ kind of spacer (Part 9 and 10).
Nr.9 is +16mm and number 10. is 0mm.

EDIT: you got same cover for The One
But it's still a longer and lower bike

https://theone.mcipollini.com/content/6 ... rt--en.pdf

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