Super Record Mechanical vs. Super Record V3 EPS

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Which version of Campagnolo Super Record do you prefer?

Super Record EPS V3
Super Record Mechanical
Total votes: 65

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by Hapsmo911

Cant speak for EPS but I do own Etap and Record Mechanical. After using Etap for a year I have come to the conclusion that I like the mechanical feel. To me part of what makes campy what it is would be the feel of the group. But like I said I dont own EPS but electronic shifting has no feel to it at all. I do like my Etap however. I would say if you haven't tried an electric then go for it. Another reason for N+1

by Weenie

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by tommasini

dgasmd wrote:I had the same choice recently and economics (costs) never came in the picture for me personally. I chose mechanical for a couple of reasons:

1. I will be setting the entire thing up. No experience with EPS and have no LBS anywhere within a couple of hundred miles of me where I could take it to and have them sort things out.

2. I travel with my bike, so I want to be able to fix things in the middle of nowhere with very little. Not a choice with EPS even if the likelihood of failure is close to none.

3. Lighter.

4. I have SR in another bike and unless I swap cranks from standard to compact I could go years without even adjusting the cable tension a 1/4 turn. Seriously.

I’m agreeing much with #4. NEVER an adjustment for my mechanical. I just don’t get it when I hear of “need” for periodic adjustments.

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by Jitensha

The poll results and comments are very interesting.

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by Mockenrue

TonyM wrote:
Mockenrue wrote:(...)but for racing EPS wins hands down for me.

Is it faster or is it easier with EPS?
Do you shift more often with EPS?

Slightly faster yes, apart from the multiple upshifts where I feel mech still has a slight advantage. But it's when you're knackered and/or hanging on and under stress in a race where EPS comes into its own - it's just one less thing to worry about. As with all electronic systems the auto trimming is brilliant, although with 2015+ Campag mech less trimming is necessary. I also find the EPS thumb shifter a little easier to operate when repeatedly sprinting out of the saddle in crits etc. I wouldn't say I shift more with EPS though, no.

Hapsmo911 wrote:Cant speak for EPS but I do own Etap and Record Mechanical. After using Etap for a year I have come to the conclusion that I like the mechanical feel. To me part of what makes campy what it is would be the feel of the group. But like I said I dont own EPS but electronic shifting has no feel to it at all. I do like my Etap however. I would say if you haven't tried an electric then go for it. Another reason for N+1

I've used di2 and eTap too and this is where I feel Campag have done a better job in that EPS more closely mimics its mechanical counterpart in shift lever feel.

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by TonyM

Thanks for the feedback!

I actually don‘t like that much the shifting in the SR mech. (not smooth enough to me) and I assume that I will shift more often with EPS and have therefore a better gear ratio.

The $ cost for switching from SR mech. to SR EPS are however quite high

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by Miller

Slum it and go with Record EPS, or even Chorus?

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by Calnago

Proper setup is easier with electric, save for some cable routing and internal battery mounting etc., but to me this is where the advantages stop. I guess in fairness, that advantage is no small thing, but only because I rarely see a perfectly set up mechanical system. But when set up correctly, there is nothing better imo than a finely tuned mechanical drive train. I've used both, but I don't personally have electric on any of my bikes. I could if I wanted, that's not the issue. It's just that to date, I can still shift faster and more efficiently to any combination of gears available (all of them) with mechanical that electric. And I don't have to plug it in. And I don't have to scratch my head trying to figure out what's wrong when it stops working. And I don't have to worry about whether I have the latest firmware, etc. And yes, I know people who jumped on electric early on, only to have one bad incident far from home be enough to make them switch back to mechanical. There's a certain peace of mind that comes with mechanical. To each his own.
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by 2old4this

The rear shifting with mechanical or electronic are very very close to each other for Campy, Shimano, and SRAM. I really do not see a big advantage of EPS with the rear shifts, in terms of performance (excluding EPS, with the other two, you can place multiple shifting buttons on your handlebar. It is a game changing thing for me...)

However, the front shifting with EPS (either up or down) is much better IMO. Shifts are very predictable, very smooth. There is no trimming needed either. Just press a button (after all that's what they are) and forget about the front derailleur.

I think the real benefit of electronic shifting is at the front...

The cost? Don't get me start with it...

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by fogman

Sounds like Campagnolo should come out with a hybrid system with the front derailleur being electronic and the rear derailleur being mechanical.

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by Imaking20

I had a buddy ask me a similar question (albeit more general) about electronics today on a ride. My recent progression was 9000 -> 9070 -> etap -> 9100 -> SR.

Generally speaking, I think electronic solves a problem that doesn't exist while introducing several (and costing a bundle more). I had some nightmares with my di2 that took a lot of the fun out of even riding my bike. There was no feel to shifting, batteries didn't like to charge, and connectors came unplugged several times INSIDE the bike. Etap solved several of those problems and is remarkably simple to setup but it doesn't shift as well as 9000.
Riding 9000 or 9100 is really what makes me think there's no need for electronic. Campy SR is very good and definitely has the most character, but I think Shimano outperforms it everywhere.
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by lw11

I have Campy Super Record mechanical and I don't find the front shifting to be an issue and the rear shifting is flawless. I also personally prefer the tactile feel of mechanical shifting, so I can't justify the price of electronic shifting, personally (especially EPS).

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by XCProMD

c60rider wrote:I only ever buy mechanical gears and have 2 bikes with super record (1 pre 2015 and 1 post 2015) another with record pre 2015. I just can't see any benefit in buying electric gears. They're just a problem waiting to go wrong and you only need it to happen once miles away from home to regret buying it and I've seen that happen with Shimano a few times. Not many people I know have Campag electric. But a properly adjusted mechanical kit works perfectly. I like to know how things work and to be able to tinker with it. Electric I'm just relying on pressing buttons. It will go wrong sooner rather than later. Mechanical will last a lifetime properly cared for.

This is for me the edge EPS has over Di2: It’s more reliable.

It has to do with the fact that Campagnolo patented their system first as they were tinkering with mechatronics since 1992. The pinion and lever with potentiometer on Di2 is a compromise. Campag’s planetary plus worm and resolver solution is the business. It is more expensive, that’s true.

Then there’s the tactile feeling of the EPS Ergos... V3 is amazing.

EPS all the way for me.

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by GorrGrimWolf

Quite hard to say which one is better and which one is worse. It is hardly individual and despite me using almost exclusively electronic shifting during my short cycling career (5 years) there is something very satisfying with Campagnolo mechanical systems, something you wont get with Shimano. I bought Campagnolo Record 2015 for my Emonda and was deeply impressed. But as others pointed out the main use of the bike also defines which system is superior to another.

When the bike is mainly a training tool with occasional/frequent racing than EPS/Di2 are very hard to beat - the auto trim function is great during racing and it is harder to over-shift at the back since you can set MultiShift to just one cog. On mechanical I often shift two cogs at the back during racing. EPS is great and the tactile feed from EPS levers very much beat the Di2 shifters (haven't tried the new 9150/70).

Campagnolo Chorus/Record/SR 2015+ are very rewarding when perfectly set-up and the bang with tactile feed are very hard to beat even against the great feel of EPS shifters. Also the shape of levers is slightly different and mechanical suits my hand better. The front shift quality is no longer a reason to buy Di2/EPS, there is also no trim needed on the big ring. The ability to dump gears is very appealing and useful at certain situation. But it must be said Campagnolo mechanical systems are very sensitive and many things might compromise shifting. Most people struggle to have their groupsets set perfectly and many even have no idea how to simple adjust RD tension. For those EPS might be a better option.

I am running Record EPS now, but when I would get the possibility I would probably change it for Campagnolo SR mechanical. But I no longer race every weekend and just enjoy riding more. When I would spend my summer racing than I would take EPS.

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