Best wheels for the rain

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by jfranci3

I think anything should be fine for water resistance. I've never found signs of fluid in my CX bike after wading water. Zipp/Shimano hubs might be different as they are angular bearings.

I might look at glossy vs rough surfaces for flinging water at your backside as well as bladed v round spokes for the same. More rim depth surface may also equal more water drag.

Also, spoke count may make a difference in braking - softer spring rate may be more forgiving when the wheel locks up or slower to react to modulation.

Are you going tubeless? You might want to see which goo works best in the wet as I had a bad experience with Stans(?) with a pinhole puncture in the wet.

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by 80sSuntour

nice to see that even on weight weenies people will revive a 6 month old thread and discuss carbon braking performance for an op asking about disc brake wheels.

by Weenie

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by jlok

Avoid WI CLD for frequent wet riding. The freehub/hub body sealing is loose and water ingress is too easy comparing to other designs. It's a good hub otherwise and easy to service tho. So if you decide to use this hub for rain you can still easily maintain it.
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