Quick Opinion - Mercury M5 or Reynolds R SIx

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by ChiCyling

Having been racing for two years now I feel the desire to invest in a set of deep dish wheels. I generally race flatter crits, some being wide open and flat while others are somewhat technical with more/tighter turns.

Right now I'm on the fence about two wheelsets in particular; Mercury M5 or Reynolds R Six (Performance Bike exclusive)

Both wheels are under $1k (where I'm aiming to be around, new or used) and have similar specs.
The only noticeable differences are that the Reynolds is 11mm deep but also 3mm more narrow with regards to external rim width.

From experience or word-of-mouth, does anyone have a suggestion on which wheelset I should go with?

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by joepac

I'd get the wider Mercury wheels. You'll have to run narrow tires on the Reynolds to maintain the aerodynamics. I have a set of M5s and they are fine. They do okay in the crosswinds for 55mm and I believe the U shape is decently aero.

I believe the toroidal shape found on Zipps, HEDs, and Enves is a bit more aero just because it helps to compensate for the tire bulge. Regardless, it's probably just a couple of watts at most if you run 23-25mm tires on the M5s (I pulled this number out of thin air, no pun intended, based on multiple tests I've read from November, Boyd, and Tour Mag).

by Weenie

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