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by Stueys

About to give my summer bike a long over due strip down and proper service. As part of that I'm going to replace the brake cables. Currently running the standard DA 9000 cables but looking at replacing with Jagwire Road Elite link. Anyone got any experience of that or any other good alternatives?

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by KCookie

I changed from DA 9000 cables to Jagwire, never had any problems, breaking is great. They look a lot better and save weight to. I'm sure some others will chime in with alternatives which are lighter.

by Weenie

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by nickf

The links are great. Last so much longer and you can just change out the liner for a few bucks and they are as good as new.

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by bllx

I have gone from the elite link to the elite sealed on my TT bike. The sealed were much easier to get install, and actually handles the hard bends better. Both of them have replaceable liners.

For cables I think the jagwire ultraslick are worth the price.

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by bremerradkurier

Yokozuna isn't exactly light, but feels awesome due to the virtually compressionless housing.

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by kode54

or you can simply replace the inner cable to PTFE coated ones or the oil slick ones. that worked pretty well for me.
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by Stueys

Thanks all, gives me something to go on. I'll probably give the jagwire a go and see how that gets on.

by Weenie

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by beanbiken

Have Jagwire elite brake cables on my Di2 bike, great cable kit. Brought 2 sets of Nokon universal to fit to my Campy mechanical equipped bike. Have used one set for brake and am still running Campy cables for shifting. The "spirals"will not fit into the shifter housings without modification. Could/would NOT recommend the Nokon system. I'm sure they will work fine but set up is more of a PITA, the Jagwire Elites are just more "complete" and cover more variables


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