Prescription Glasses - what are you wearing?

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by shimmeD

Currently using Oakley Monster Dog with prescription lenses cw polarized tint, and Half Jacket clear.
Now looking at Poc Do Flow (or Low).
Also looked at Smith Colson & Dockside.
Note: only looking at full-rimmed sunglasses now.
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by Weenie

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by TonyM

I have many pairs of Oakley M-Frame with different colors (Rx prescription glasses). Very happy with them!

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by eaglejackson

I use Oakley Half Jacket 1.0, Half Jacket 2.0, and Flak Jacket, all with Rx lenses. I have a wide ranges of lenses in different tints, but about a year ago tried the photochromic lenses and love them. Now I have one lens for all conditions, on road or mtb, from deep dark forest to the brightest sun in Hawaii or Mallorca.

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by shimmeD

Thanks for the replies. Only Oakleys so far.
For economy, my thinking is to go away from Oakley, and use full-rims with more run-of-the-mill lens manufacturers.
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by vejnemojnen

Any options for -8 &-9 prescription lenses?

I wear protection overglasses with my regular spectacles, and been planning a refraction surgery since 3 year, but I could not make up my mind. :up:

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by uraqt

ouch no way Oakley does -8 &-9

It's been a while but the rudy project catalog had the RX details in the back, and some of their frames can hold a lens they designed to handle big RX. I think it's FREEFORM ...


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by slowK

vejnemojnen wrote:Any options for -8 &-9 prescription lenses?

I'm -9 too. Never found anything that works.

Distortion becomes a big factor with tighter base curvatures/wraparound frames.

Small prescription "inserts" that you clip in inside the outer tinted lenses weren't great - lots of reflection visible from the two layers of lenses.

Contact lenses are the obvious answer, but I don't get on with contacts.

So I just put up with wearing my usual prescription glasses.

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by superdx

I tried the Rudy Project RX inserts with Proflow and peripheral vision is almost non-existent. And how the insert bends when inserted means that your vision is a little wonky. You get used to it but when you swap back to glasses you realise the amount of distortion.

I'm now using Oakley Chainlink glasses with prescription and couldn't be happier. They have the same non-slip nose pieces and ear pieces as their cycling specific glasses. Got peripheral vision back and no distortion. Many people have asked me about them while on rides, as no one else has anything similar. I'll probably pick up another pair just for backup.

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by shimmeD

I've just bought new Poc Do Flow and it's on its way to the optometrist for prescription lenses.
It's replacing an Oakley Monster Dog, much like your Chainlink that have been reglazed (mine with polarized and tinted Essilor-brand lenses), that is serving me well. Why change? I thought there's something better after 10yrs plus I need new lenses as my eyes have got better with age. My new glasses has bigger lenses so better shielding from the elements. All for the better! :thumbup:
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by goodboyr

Oakley FLAK 2.0 XL Road Prizm with the Oakley Digital progressive RX lenses. They are just awesome. I have been using the Assos glasses, but you can't get them in I can see my Garmin and the road signs too!

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by tinozee

I have two different Rudy frames with direct lenses - the Noyz and Rydon. The guy at Sports Optical in Colorado does awesome work for strong Rx. He does the lenses in house and they come out great. One of mine is a huge coke bottle and somehow he does it, and they look as good as the regular shades. I couldn't find any other place that would touch my Rx. The vision and peripheral are perfect. The owner Bret is a cyclist and skier I think, so he knows how to do this right.

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by bilwit

I went through this dilemma early on and don't regret getting contacts instead

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by DCcyclist

Where do you get Rx lenses to these frames? What is the best way? Thank you guys!
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by ms6073

tinozee wrote:Sports Optical

If in the US, that link from @tinozee's post above will take you to the Website of an optometrist in Colorado that offers online RX cycling glasses.
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by ras11

I have the Rudy Rydon direct RX for a 3 years. I've had two sets and will likely buy them again. I did get the "premium" anti-reflective coating. Not the best looking frames, but in do like the rim-less bottom half for the unobstructed visibility and good durability. Lots of options with colors and lenses. I prefer the grey polarized lenses. The previous were the grey photochromic, which I didn't care for.

I've had a variety of incerts over the years. The extra surfaces always accumulate sweat and need to be cleaned after 1h of riding. Direct Rx is way better.
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by Weenie

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