Buying the right shoes... for my bony feet.

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by tinozee

Giro last sucks and has no arch. DMT are crappy too. I've tried both. Go with Sidi Ergo 3 or wire. Wire has a hair more volume but you can easily fix that. I use mizuno insoles and customize them. Shoes are critical, don't skimp!

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by TobinHatesYou

tinozee wrote:Giro last sucks and has no arch.

So buy $30 Specialized BG Fit SL footbeds for them with the arch support you need. Or get custom footbeds made. I've done both and have decided the medium arch Specialized footbeds work for me.

by Weenie

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by Tommo

Thanks... to throw something else in the mix I'm going down the speedplay route. So 4 bolt screw fitting is a requirement, I know sidi offer that.

Thanks I'll have a gander at Bike Chain Cafe :)

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by jdecraene85

The best shoes among the 6 pair I own are the Vittoria Ikon's by far. May be hard to get though. I absolutely love them.

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by Tommo

The Vitoria are a good suggestion, are they narrow fitting? Nice touch with the heat moldable insole too.

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by Tommo

I wish there was a way of packing out the shoe toebox area to reduce the volume. Almost like a mouldable insole but for the top of the foot if you get me?

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by renoracing

It's been years since I tried Sidi's, so I can't comment on them much. But I do have pretty slender feet and it took few years trying different shoes to settle into something. I tried Bont, Specialized, and eventually grew to like Mavics a lot. The issue with them is that you can't place you're cleats as far back as other brands due to the drilling placement, so keep that in mind if you're one of those who runs your cleats slammed back. It seems pretty common these days to run the cleats further back than several years ago, or perhaps those are just the studies that struck me most. I does work for me, although my first couple years into cycling I definitely ran them forward like most tend to do. I run pretty much exclusively Giro's these days(both Prolight SLX and Factor ACC). I'm really comfortable in them.

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by MiddMan

tinozee wrote:I have size 13 narrow feet and have done this miserable hunt years ago. I tried all brands. The best by far for narrow feet are the higher end Sidi models . The Ergo 3 (best) and Wire (second).

Me too... Did you go with 47 or 48 with Sidi?

I'm also size 13 narrow, using pair of 47 Sidi's from over a decade ago. Slightly snug, but not 'tight'. They're still in great shape, but I'm thinking of trying the Wire in 48.

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by tinozee

I go with 48. The Ergo 3 is probably the very best fit, with a narrower toe box. The wire is a tad roomier but it's still possible to crank it down to snug. I've been on the speedplay version of the wires and ergo 3. It's awesome, low stack height, light, etc.

To above reply about using a insert in Giros, it doesn't work as well at all as having a proper last. I use a custom insert in all shoes pretty much anyway. I like it really dialed in with holes in hotspot areas etc.

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by Geoff

Sidis and Mavics, both.

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by Lookryder

+1 for sidi

My Sidis are 10 years old this fall and still going strong. Their MTB shoes are solid too.

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