Felt Z5 clicking...tearing hair out of my head

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by p3dalfaster

I had a totally annoying creak a couple of years back, tried to replace the BB, chain, seat post etc etc... It turned out to be the Dura Ace cassette! Nuts.

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by MAsshole

I can't tell but does it change with cadence changes?

by Weenie

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by Illuminate

Hard to hear, but I would check your chairing bolts. Remove, grease, retighten. This problem happens occasionally after riding in the rain and getting grit come in between the alloy parts.

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by PMCRyan

update: sound mysteriously went away by itself..but being the realist that i am, i suspect it will come back in time. the crankset on it is new, just upgraded to shimano 105s..any chance that the crankset maybe needed to "seat" itself? this was my first long distance ride.

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by martinfrias

i had a bad creak that appeared to be in the bb, drove me nuts, i discover a few dissasemblies later that it was the mech hanger, i remove it and put grease in between the frame and hanger and the problem went away

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