Cleaning Brake Pads for Carbon tubs?

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by 3Pio

Im returning the Bora Tubs back on bike, and noticed that brake pads are very dirty and they have a lot of black build up.

So how to clean them proper way?

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by Mockenrue

Baby wipes.

by Weenie

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by kode54

if they are glazed...i use a 3M sanding pad on a sponge. allows me to freshen up the surface to a new condition. then i'm ready to go.
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by 3Pio

I clean them with water. Now they look like new. Suprised that after 1600 km, they are almost not worn out at all.. So seem that this will last for very long time.

Another thing that im suprised, i can see that i have to adjust the angle of brake pads compared to position on Shamals. And also see that there is more brake pad material here, and i need to loosen the cable on the brakes.

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