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by Brynhildr

That's strange, I can feel some play in the K-Edge mount Inhave for my Bolt; but on the stock mount it's rigid in place. Maybe I'll put a sacrificial layer of electrical tape in the mount, saw some pro bikes setup that way.

by Weenie

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by guyc

Exactly what I’ve done. Works well.

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by MayhemSWE

Japanese brand Rec-Mounts have very nice mounts for most types of bars on the market. I've bought mine on eBay from the seller mount-shop-sun who has most of them available, but for some reason nothing gets listed neither under View store nor See other items.

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by guyc

New Elemnt Roam on the way - reckoned to be out within 3 weeks or so.


Looks more of a replacement for the Elemnt to me.

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by parajba

I need a new computer as my ageing 520 (non plus) battery lasts max 5-6 hours (without using the turn by turn directions!). I have targeted the Bolt as I don’t need a colour display, and I like it’s small form factor and light weight.

I saw the pictures of the Roam. Price aside, looks heavier than the Bolt. Is it also bigger or is it the same footprint? I need a computer that lasts at least 8hours for an event which I am doing in the next few days so I will have to buy a Bolt. Which feels a bit silly as the Roar is out soon. But am I right to say that the Roar is bigger / heavier than the Bolt and a replacement for the Element instead?

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by guyc

91g vs 64g I think.

2.7" screen for the Roam vs 2.2" for the Bolt.

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by MichaelB

That Roam looks neat. Love the Bolt, but my ageing eyes need something a bit bigger !!

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by CrankAddictsRich

No one can answer your questions, as the Roam hsn't been officially released.... a danish website accidentally published that store update and it has since been hidden again. I suspect it will be announced soon and probably some of your assumptions will be true, if not all. It appears as if it is equivalent in size to the original Elemnt, but with a form factor/style/shape that is more similar to the Bolt. The original Elemnt is also nearly 3 years old.... the Bolt is two. I wouldn't be surprised if there are replacements coming soon, for both, to be honest. Last week, Wahoo was hinting an announcement on April 11th. I figured it was gonna be new computers.... then it turned out to be blue and pink bolts. That seemed lack-luster and undue hype just for some extra colors.

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by jever98

The Roam form factor looks nice. I have appreciated the screen size of the Elemnt, so a plus for me. One of the gripes I have with the Elemnt doesn't seem to have been changed: scrolling between screens only in one direction, which is a bit annoying if you have multiple screens - I keep having to press the page button 4-5 times to get to where I want to be at times.
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by bilwit

My Bolt died today. I left it plugged in overnight on accident and found it SUPER HOT in the morning.. went to turn it on later and no power. Completely dead. Warranty in the US is only 1-year and I got it 2 years ago.. oh well

I've done this before in the past but it always was safeguarded and cut out after it was charged but I guess this time whatever that limiter is failed.

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by Rudi

petert123 wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 4:36 pm
Any one have recent suggestions for replacing the original Element Bolt (out-front) mount? It took me a while to figure out it was causing a rattle.
Racewaredirect is great and very tight fit. I have several of their mounts and couldn't be happier. Just got the bolt/gopro combo for the summer rather than separate ones.

I have a rattle on an older stock mount.
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by guyc

ROAM is official

https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/05/wah ... eview.html

He’s not blown away by it.

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by petert123

guyc wrote:
Wed May 01, 2019 1:35 pm
ROAM is official

https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/05/wah ... eview.html

He’s not blown away by it.
Yeh, I guess it brings parity with features on new Garmin's.

Wonder if the Bolt will get a re-fresh? Probably not.

by Weenie

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by jfranci3

Well no. While Wahoo has a better user experience, Garmin has allowances for 3rd party fields/screens, weather, lights/radar, and touch screen maps at the same price point.
Interesting to see Wahoo getting raked over the coals in the review and comments for the lack of Garmin Radar support on DC's review. I'm not sure how open ANT+ is now that Garmin owns it (I know the light profile isn't published), but I'd think if the radar-light is profitable, it'd be wise for Garmin to publish the spec. If it is published, it'd be wise for Wahoo to invest the development resources here - I mean the guy who brought us color is just twiddling his thumbs now.

I don't think the Bolt needs a refresh. Wahoo has shown here they can't shrink the units much. I'd like to see a feature pack (ANT+ radar, weather), but that's about it. I'd only upgrade for smaller, the above features, touchscreen map scrolling, and maybe a camera function.

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