Bora Ultra 35m - Hub Body Wobble

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by cincardo

I have a relatively new 2016 Bora Ultra 35mm clincher wheel set and noticed that my rear hub has a rotational offset on my cassette side. The wheel is perfectly true, though the offset visual is the hub looks like it is 'wobbling'.

A local shop says that it is in spec...a second opinion shop says, 'for the price of these wheels, you should not see this much noticeable wobble...after then, the first shop then agreed...the wobble was not in spec...

Nobody can tell me what is 'in spec' and both share that Campy Tech Support is historically difficult to work with...
that 'they don't want to acknowledge any flaw with their superior products'

Anyway, has anybody had a similar problem with a high-end campy wheel and how did you resolve it?

I am preparing for the call in a few days in case Campy technicians decide to report, that this wobble is 'in-spec' or not a problem.

by Weenie

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