Light rider, need light wheels, light wallet?

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by eyedrop

Requirements: alloy braking surface, a QUIET rear hub similar to my Shimano Ultegra hubs, wide width optimized for 25c tires. Good stiffness with no brake rub while climbing out of the saddle. I would also prefer a more modern "aero" shape wheel rather than a box section. I dont need deep wheels, a shallow aero design similar to my C24's would do.

Ive got a set of 1510g Shimano RS81 C24 wheels that are pretty nice. But Im wondering if its possible to sell those off and use that money to build a pair of lighter clincher wheels? Would it even be worth it? Total build would be less than $700 including labor. Is that doable, and would it be worth my time?

Im only 105 lbs, so durability is an afterthought and something I can easily sacrifice. Light, cheap, or durable? The two I need is light and cheap. And quiet. I hate loud hubs.

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by Multebear

You can forget about production wheels, with that weight and pricetag. Everything out there lighter than Shimano Dura Ace C24 is also more expensive.

With hanbuild wheels, there are a couple of options. I would have mentioned Tune hubs, but they are pretty noisy as I recall. I dont know about the noise of extralite hubs, but the weight is def. in the ballpark. Lace the hubs with Sapim cx ray spokes 20/24 to Ryde Pulse Sprint rims, and you're way below 1.300 grams. Probably even around the 1.200 gram mark. But the pricetag would probably be closer to $900. If you choose Bitex hubs, they'll be around 1.250 grams, but considerably cheaper. Probably around $ 500, but then again, the freehub sound isn't as quiet.

by Weenie

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by istigatrice

BDOP Alloy build kit LT. 132lbs and the kit is more than stiff enough, and they've made a few improvements since I reviewed them. The novatec hubs are super quiet if you don't let the pawls dry out, almost silent if you have a thick coat. The rims are some of the lightest available for a 17mm internal (mine came in around 420g). Light, cheap, stiff, alloy clinchers. They sound like they tick your boxes, you can read more about them here ... t%20LT.asp
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by gsindela

I don't have 1st hand experience with any of these, but know of them from a similar search to yours. Not sure if you're looking for tubeless or not? Do not have knowledge of hub noise, but this at least gives you some ideas.

1. Soul 2.0 and
2. Revolution Wheelworks Rev22
3. Psimet A300
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by Multebear

I guess I was wrong with the statement about no production wheels lighter and cheaper than C24. Definitely some options out there. The only thing I would be a little concerned about is hub quality. I would aim for hubs, that have been proven over time.

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