What has Frankie been doing today?

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by HammerTime2

tymon_tm wrote:as for a parent's perspective on things, it changes a lot when the first one comes out. you suddenly start to worry - about yourself, the consequences of your actions. for instance - you probably won't ride without your helmet ever again, start picking 'safer' roads to ride, think twice before breaking speed limits in your car (at least that's how it was in my case) etc:
Yes, I remember this racer in Northern California who back in the early/mid '80s used to ride along mountain ridge descents with both hands behind his back in his attempt to maximize aero. Then he had a kid. That changed him. From then on, he considered it to be too reckless to ride with both hands behind his back, and he would ride with only one hand behind his back, and the other on the bar near the middle.

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by KB

Congrats Frankie. They can be very trying and frustrating sometimes, but the love you feel for them cannot be bettered. My son's 26 now, but he's still our baby.

by Weenie

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by kbbpll

Congratulations! Your whole world changes in a matter of a few hours (hopefully few, for your wife's sake).
Do not stand too close to the hospital bed during labor. Your wife may injure you. Those metal side bars are there for a reason. Stay on the other side of them. Trust me. :)
Prepare yourself mentally for diapers. You will not believe the quantity of godawful toxic mess that can come out of those tiny things.
For later on - We have an expression in the US called the "terrible twos", for when a kid hits the tantrum/difficult phase. I always thought that meant it was over when they turn three. Wrong.

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by mike

cool, congrats, where are the lw wheels on the Weiss cradle?

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by nobuseri

Congrats, man. Very good news. My kid is 4, so I am not that far ahead of you. Not much advice from me other than just make sure you are the Mrs are on the same page in front of the kids. :)

Crib looks great; I am sure they will sleep well in it.
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