Hi-Mod frame vs non-himod ? Different frame quality ?

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by destinationwarmth

Hi guys

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I'm considering purchasing a Supersix Evo Disc, and was wondering if the HiMod frame was worth it over the regular frame ?

I would also broaden the question to nearly all manufacturer that offer a approx. 150g lighter, "stiffer" frame for 1-2000$ more... Is it worth it ? Thinking about Emonda SL vs SLR, BMC Roadmachine 01 vs 02, Specialized FACT 11r vs 10r... You know what I mean ?

Because (I know it's weight weenies here) the 150g savings isn't worth 2000$ for me because I'm cheap, but comfort and stiffness are very subjective matters outside of a lab...

Thanks for your opinions !

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by alastairb

by Weenie

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by gitsome

The higher the modulus the stiffer the carbon, hi mod is useful/advantageous in certain areas of a frame for certain desired characteristics and not in others, it is also more brittle

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by tarmackev

I know with Scott they have the HMF and HMX frames, working at a Scott dealer we were always told stiffness and comfort was the same the only difference was the weight.
Having ridden HMF and HMX I'd agree.

Working in a Giant dealers a few years ago I tested the TCR composite, advanced and advanced SL.
All with the same wheels, finishing kit and groupset.
The difference between each bike was noticeable, the Composite was as good as my Cervelo S2, the advanced was incredible and the advanced SL was the best bike I'd ridden.
I'm not sure if it would equate to speed but you could sense an improvement in every way.

I currently own a Hi-mod Evo and it's as good as the TCR SL.
I've not ridden the standard mod so unfortunately can't really compare the two fairly.

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by destinationwarmth

So, for some brands (like Scott, maybe Cannondale), upgrading the frame doesn't do anything except save a few grams ?

And for other brands (like Giant, maybe others), there is a subjective difference between the low and high end frames ?

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by jeffy

am interested in the ride difference between the HiMod Supersix, Addict HMX and Adv AL TCR

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by uraz

Hi-Mod is not only significantly lighter, it's also more responsive (better power transfer). You can feel the difference from the 1st ride. If you have money buy a hi-mod, you won't regret it.

Additional info on subject.

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by Donic

uraz wrote:Hi-Mod is not only significantly lighter, it's also more responsive (better power transfer).

Better power transfer? So you go faster on the Hi-Mod?

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by bipedzed

Here's a decent high level article on different carbon fiber types and layups in bike frames:
http://www.bicycling.com/bikes-gear/com ... rbon-fiber

From a personal perspective my Supersix Evo Hi-mod is lighter, rides stiffer and feels more "lively" than my friend's non-Hi-mod frame, his words after riding mine.

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by uraz

Donic wrote:Better power transfer? So you go faster on the Hi-Mod?

I don't think that you will see difference in speed but you will definitely feel the difference in ride quality.

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by AJS914

The nicer bikes I've ridden have a springiness or liveliness to them. I'm not even sure how to describe it accurately. I've ridden equally stiff carbon bikes that feel dead and wooden and then others that feel lively. The lively bikes are the nicest to ride but I think both would give you the same time up a climb (assuming weight is the same).

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by fromtrektocolnago

No noticeable difference. Mostly a few grams. The bike company will most likely add to the difference by changing the standard equipment associated with the hi-mod frame, better group set and wheel etc.
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by uraz

You can buy better equipped model of non hi-mod than hi-mod so please stop talking non-sense. Have you even own any supersix?

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by sk1324

As an owner of both (SuperSix frames), there is observable difference. Hi-Mod is just better in every way. To use Pinarello's term, the ride quality is "magical".

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by CrankAddictsRich

In my experience, the higher grade frames aren't any stiffer when it comes to use, than their lower grade frames... the higher grade/stiffer carbon means they can use less carbon to achieve the same level of stiffness, which is how they save the weight. I have a Venge Pro and a few of my friends have S-Works Venge's... riding the bikes, to me, they feel the same, but their frames were lighter. Overall build weights are basically equal though, because I've chosen my parts a little more carefully and saved that 150g in other areas.

by Weenie

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