New??? Rear derailleur Dura-ace 7970-A

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by Ritxis

A companion of foromtb, to purchase a rear derailleur new? Dura-ace 7970-a, in appearance is as a RD 9070

it comes with and a e-tube cable, and an adapter from e-tube to connection of the Dura-Ace

Not fake

Date July 2016 ... 00-SPA.pdf ... A-4117.pdf

do not have more information, someone knows something more??




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by glepore

Wow-certainly solves the problem of failures in the originals and replacements disappearing.
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by Weenie

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by kulivontot

I feel like something is lost in translation here, but is this an option to retrofit etube connections to old dura ace 7970 derailleurs?
Very interesting. English instructions available here: ... 00-ENG.pdf
It appears Shimano has created a new 10-speed di2 rear derailleur (RD-7970-A) that uses e-tube rather than the old 5-pin dura ace connectors. It uses an additional junction box (SM-RD79-A) to convert from the old style connector (EW-7970) to the new e-tube connectors (EW-SD50). If this is real, that is a great option for people with old groups that have a toasted rear derailleur. What is exciting for me is the potential for purchasing a new 10-speed rear derailleur, as I am building up a gruppo of old 6770 parts and am unable to find a reasonably priced RD. If there was a junction box that converted the reverse, from e-tube from to 5-pin di2, that would be fantastic too as there are a boat load of first-gen 7970 rear derailleurs out there.

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by kulivontot

German article describing a return from Shimano in June 2016 ... r-was-tun/
UK company apparently selling the 10spd version ... r-ss-cage/

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by sanrensho

I found one link to a Japanese blogger who ordered this from Bike24 and reports that it worked fine (posted in August).

Unfortunately, Bike24 no longer seems to carry it.

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by kulivontot

Also a 6770 version apparently! ... A-4116.pdf
I'm going to have my shop ask a dealer about this. If I'm going to end up paying $150 for a scratched up 10 speed di2 derailleur, I might as well pay a bit more for a new one.

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by androidavies

Madison are the official Shimano UK importer. I think they have a consumer facing site as well, but I'm not sure if you are able to buy direct, normally orders go through a retailer.

They have the 7970a mech in stock. Certainly, a UK retailer with a Madison account could order it for a customer. The current suggested retail is £549! The 6770 is also available new, suggested retail is £249….. I'm sure there would be some room for negotiating a lower purchase price…...

The GB pound has fallen in value quite a bit recently, seems to be resulting in higher prices for this sort of stuff for us in general.

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by ooo

RD-6770-A have many parts from RD-6870
RD-7970-A have many parts from RD-9070

not sure if geometry is similar:

at least cage is the same on both
you can upgrade ultegra from SS to GS cage

IRD6770ASS - model number for new RD-6770-A
IRD6770SS - model number for old RD-6770
price range €180+

IRD7970ASS - model number for new RD-7970-A
IRD7970SS - model number for old RD-7970
price range €650+
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by kulivontot

Does somebody know of a US distributor?

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by egebhardt

Bump for this interesting 7970 rear der version!
Ebay doesn't have any 7970-A visible yet. Maybe they will come soon.
Eric in San Carlos, CA

by Weenie

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