Opinions of these mudguards (SKS Raceblade Pro)

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by Shrike

Putting the finishing touches on the winter bike at the moment. Just mudguards and front light to go. Want something easy to attach (no mudguard eyelets).

These look good, but no experience aside from the Ass Saver I tried today and was actually decent. Got sprayed everywhere except my ass. Fab. :shock:


Would you keep the Ass Saver on if you put on these full mudguards by the way, or is that overkill?

25mm tyres too, these fine or need XLs? XLs seem overkill..

by Weenie

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by Rudi

Ass saver would be overkill I think. I have the XLs on the commuter and had pave 25mm on last winter. No issues with that. I couldn't say whether the pro would be fine with 25mms though.

Only bit is I think you need to get them set up positionally, then take then back off and put a small screw through the guard into the "loop" on the topsite to hold it in place. Otherwise they can move. I nearly lost one as I hadn't read the instructions.

If it is for commuting then I'd ask the question "why not the XLs?"
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by Shrike

For the race bike so.. would the XLs look goofy? They have better coverage, but don't really want something super wide if it's not necessary

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by ergott

Winter bike? Full coverage.

I've used Full Metal fenders by Portland Design Works on road bikes with great success. They have an adapter for mounting to quick releases instead of frame. That won't kill your finish and you can still easily remove wheel for roadside flats.
https://ridepdw.com/collections/fenders ... al-fenders

These looks new and a plastic version from same company. I would consider these too.
https://ridepdw.com/collections/fenders ... nders-city

Problem with the fenders you link to is they offer just enough coverage to make you think about going out in crappy weather and not enough to actually protect you from the elements. The PDW fenders will be much better for "winter" riding and you can use them on a race/racy bike.



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by 11.4

As Eric said ... I've used Raceblades and they keep the spray off your back and knees but you really want to keep your legs from getting hit from behind and you want to keep your feet dry as well. Full fenders are much better, and I'd add to attach Buddyflaps front and rear. These flaps work well and should go to within an inch or two of the ground so they completely block spray both onto your feet and onto anyone behind you. With full fenders and Buddyflaps you can go for a ride and come home to find your bike is still pretty clean.

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by Shrike

Thanks guys, fine I'll go find some full on ones. In the UK so those snazzy ones you've got ergott will be slower to get than I want unfortunately! :x

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by ergott

This fender has Buddy flap rear and the original flap up front for better coverage. Bonus, I can push the flap into the tire to wipe the tire if I run through glass and not get my hands/gloves mucked up.


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by CBJ

I had the same experience going from Raceblades to full fenders huge difference in keeping me dry and clean but also keeping the bike dry and clean.

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by bmCube

I use the raceblades pro on my disc cyclocross bike for winter training on the road. I've made some adjustements to have a full fender at the rear, so no spray from behind at your legs.

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by Svetty

In the UK these are better than the ones the OP linked to and are readily available:

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/sks-raceblade-l ... guard-set/

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by McGilli

I just bought and put on Race Blade Pro XL a week ago. 7 days of wet riding with them.

I'm pretty disappointed.

I feel like I paid good $ for half a set of fenders.

Tonnes of spray from the front - coming out the bottom rear - and the top front. If riding into the wind the water shoots out the top front - into the air - and the wind throws it back at me. (this happened always - but this fender does nothing to solve this)

The rear also is half a fender - so while it keeps spray from going up my back - the water continues to spray onto the rear of the seat tube and my feet and legs from behind...

I've had to keep my own custom from fender on (that goes out the front) - as well as extend the bottom of the front to cut down on spray onto my shoes.

I don't ride with anyone else when it's wet so the length of the rear fender going down the back is fine.

Overall - if you want half a set of fenders and to still have your feet sprayed from front and back then they are perfect!
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by Calnago

@McGilli describes it perfectly. When it comes to fenders that actually deal with ALL the issues McGilli outlines above, you pretty much have to do it yourself, starting with a good basic set of plastic full coverage fenders and modifying/adding stuff from there.
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by eaglejackson

Svetty wrote:In the UK these are better than the ones the OP linked to and are readily available:

http://www.wiggle.co.uk/sks-raceblade-l ... guard-set/

I had those on my winter bike for a few years and really liked them. Good coverage and quick releases to remove easily.

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by Multebear

I agree with ergott. PDW fenders are the business. I've mounted extra flaps on mine as well. Made them fit on my C'dale Supersix Evo hi-mod. It's a very tight fit, and it only Works with 23 mm tyres. But it works. I had them delivered from UK to Scandinavia in just two days from Condor cycles.

https://www.condorcycles.com/products/p ... tal-fender

BTW those raceblade long don't protect your feet very well. The rear fender needs to be extended from the rear brake all the way down to the BB. Otherwise the rear wheel will spray your feet.

by Weenie

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by Nefarious86

Question for bikes with 0 mounting points. I have a tarmac disc so no caliper bridge etc to mount too.

The SKS race blades look good but seem to be out of stock everywhere I look that will ship to Australia. They dont have coverage to stop the seat tube/back of legs spray is about the only down side.
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