CeramicSpeed BB - really worth it?

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by addictR1

i've seen a lot of vids on CS BB spinning like crazy and it's got me itching thinking if it will really help average joes like me to ride or climb faster?

at first i was worried the ceramic bearings won't last very long.. but after watching this torture test.. i was shocked.

so for fellow WWer.. if you've upgraded to CS BB.. have you noticed statistical gains from your rides, like increase in speed, power, cadence, etc?

my addict r1 & tmr02 all use BB86 GXP.. so the thought of dumping close to $800 on BB seems very painful~ :shock:

yet.. seeing those video makes me wonder if the gains are quantifiable?

by Weenie

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by pdlpsher1

I think you'll find a small gain. Whether it's worth it or not only you could answer it. For some they have done everything they can on the bike so they end up upgrading the BBs to something extraordinarily expensive. To me that's ok....it's a personal choice really. I'm slowly heading towards that direction, LOL.

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by dudemanppl

Look in to Hawk Racing or Kogel. CeramicSpeed is stupidly overpriced.

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by addictR1

Dudemanppl: in currently running the hawk now. But it's only getting me 8 revolutions. Hawk said once broken in, itll spin a lot better. I felt with hawk the pedal stroke are smoother.. But maybe that's just mental effect.

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by rbrtwyn

So many more options than Kogel or Hawk. Try Enduro, VCRC, F1 Ceramic or C-Bear for some that have a track record similar to Ceramic Speed. Ceramic Speed is worth the money, but if on a budget, F1 Ceramic is similar (same grade, coated options) for much less.

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by junchen

Also throwing in hsc ceramics. With the low aussie dollar n free shipping......

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by Oswald

I have Cema Bearing pressfit BB in my road bike. It spins a little bit better than a normal Shimano BB. But not nearly as good as the Shimano 105 Octalink BB in my 15 year old winterbike.

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by jerome2710

Running CeramicSpeed BB's here as well, love them. Together with Rotor Q-Rings the entire drive train spins a lot more comfortable than the original parts I had before.

High-end parts ramp up in price quite rapidly. It is a personal opinion if you believe it's worth it.
The oversized pulley wheel system from CeramicSpeed is another product which is highly debated if it's worth the money.
I personally think the looks justifies the price a bit already.

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by Antoine

Worth it for a pro, top teams like Etix and Tinkoff are using it (don't know for Sky). Barguil says is not worth it but he's linked with Shimano and he owns 2 Giant shops.

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by multy74

climb faster? no same!
Only a very small impact

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by Mr.Gib

Unloaded spinning of the crank means very little. All it tells you is that the water seals are not tight and the grease is not inhibiting the movement of the bearings. You want a fast spinner? Remove the seals and grease - you'll be amazed.

The only meaningful measure of a bottom bracket is how it performs with load on the pedals. To my knowledge no such test comparing bottom brackets has been performed or reported. My guess is that there is essentially no difference in watt consumption in an actual cycling situation between any of the decent quality ceramic bottom brackets.

To answer the OP, going from Hawk to CeramicSpeed is completely pointless if you are looking to save watts.
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by moonoi

I went with the SRAM GXP PF86 Ceramic BB on my new build, can't really tell the difference between it and the standard steel one on my old bike, but I'm still happy, I got it because I wanted it, and convinced myself it'll be harder wearing than the standard version even if it doesn't save me any watts.

Can't find it now, but I remember recently reading an article stating that you only get the benefits of lower friction from a ceramic bearing when spinning in excess of 15000+ rpm

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by wingguy

It would be interesting to see a chart of how power savings stack up when you put them together - because you sure as hell can't buy all the stuff on that list and save 100 watts!

by Weenie

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by micky

That would be very interesting.

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