How do I respond to a for sale advert ?

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by GrahamMackie7


I am been using WW for years to ehlp with purchasing decisions when building up bikes but never needed the forums. The other day I was looking for an Aero front end for my Canyon SLX and saw this advert - via Google. I joined the forums so I could contact the seller - however I can only see the classified advert when I am logged out. If I login it says I have no access. Am I doing something wrong ?


by Weenie

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by victorduraace

Need more Posts?

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by calleking

I think you need 40 posts in order to see that section.
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by peted76

Same here, I can see for sale posts on tapatalk I just can't reply to them.. I get the reasoning but it's a bit frustrating for us noobies who've only been reading WW for three or four years.

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by Frankie - B

It is quite easy to be honest, after a good amount of members came to the moderator team because they were cheated in a deal we had to take action. you cannot see the for sale section until you have 30 posts. (@calleking) On top of that, you need to be a member for at least a month until you can use the PM function.
For as long as i know WW (over 12 years now) no one can reply to posts in the market place. You need to PM the seller to broker a deal.

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by Shogunade

Frankie - B wrote:For as long as i know WW (over 12 years now) no one can reply to posts in the market place. You need to PM the seller to broker a deal.


what he said

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by jesherwood

Good to know. I troll this website a TON, but haven't posted as I don't have much to add other than a "+1". So thanks for the clarification.
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by qhrjtm1041

uproad post

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by audiwithbmc

I was looking for this info..

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by dopestar

I'm looking into this as well.

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by dastott

Thanks guys, was wondering about this. Very clear.

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by prophei

I thought I was going insane looking for a section I was told was here... but couldn't see!. Thanks for the info :)

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by 56hz

I thought I was going crazy too. Does this count as post #1?

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by MAsshole

30 Days for a PM? Bummer.

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by bryanx

Thanks, at least found useful info although having to wait for 30 days

by Weenie

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