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by Dewillem

After having browsed through weight weenies and mtbr, I made up a list of interesting frames (for me) and condsidered the prices. I'm looking for a very fast and light racing frame, which has a long lifetime, as I don't race and use the bike for everything (as mentioned in the scale and bob topic). The following v-brake frames have my attention and I would like to have your opinions about them. You may also add new ones, with the weights and where I could by them at which price.

Scott Scale: 1699 at Bike Discount (v-brake). Looks like a wonderfull frame, but still, I guess it would be a bit over the top as it is to expensive. I also wonder about the lifetime of this one and as mentioned the driving with a trailer
Kona Kula Primo/Supreme: 799 at Hibike. Also a very fine and pretty light frame, but the yellow colour is to much. I prefered the older blue and white ones.
Extralite Carver: 1250 gr and 1200 euros at Hilset, maybe second hand from someone. Very fine and nice looking frame. But I don't seem to find much about the stiffness, strength and handling of this one. A bit expensive when new.
Rotwild RCC 0.1: 1520 gr at 899. A bit to heavy in my opinion, but a very, very beautiful frame. RCC 1.1 is only 1400 gr, but 1160 euros, which is much.
Specialized S-works M5: 1400 gr and 895 euro at Bike-Fun. After the Extralite and the Scale, this is one of my favourites, as it has a solid racing reputation. Although there are not many reviews and tests to be found.
Storck Rebel Race: 899, but I know little about this one.
Hilset: 1425 at 499. Nice frame, but a bit plane looking.
No Saint Luzifer: 1260 for 375 euros. I can read on the forum that it is a good and cheap frame, but what about reliability.

Sorry for the long post and thank you for your replies.

by Weenie

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by beane

Dewillem wrote:I'm looking for a very fast and light racing frame, which has a long lifetime,

Erm Titanium by a quality builder

Dewillem I don't race and use the bike for everything


If your surefire set on Alu then I would recommend the Kona or speccy...


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by MaLóL

did you forget about giant xtc composite?

very light, easy and cheap to find on ebay new
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by DiterDV

With the Scale you would go for the best, light and fast, it is a real race frame. But like you were telling.. not cheap.
Then there are two frames I would recommend, like MaLóL said the Giant XTC composite and the Specialized S-works M5. I've had some rides on the Giant and it really feels great. (and really good value for money) This also counts for the Specialized, not expensive maybe not the lightest but it should ride wonderful. About the other frames I can’t say much.. but I would try to ride one of them before you decide what you’ll take.
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by Giantfan

i noticed you had the storck rebel race. how about the rebel carbon all the test web site i have been to says its stiffer than the scott scale the same price just a bit heavy i think 1200 or 1300.also there is the giant mcm team which you can pic on on ebay for 699 us. not a bad frame when i had it.i had a bob on it once.
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by Dewillem

Thank you for your replies so far!

For the price and the weight of the frame, I would rather choose an extralite frame above the giant xtc or the storck rebel carbon, although they do look fine. But I also want to try and stay under 1000 euros for the frame and stop dreaming about the scale!

The second hand extralite is probably to small (Medium) for me. So I am looking into the Specialized. I was in a LBS this afternoon and he weighed the 19" model, the scale mentionned 1600 gr, I thought it was only 1400! It's obviouly still a super frame.

Found these ones and would appreciate your ideas or experiences.
Scott Team Issue 2004 at +/- 1200 gr. for 899 euros. Adri once posted a picture from a totally broken frame, but I believe that it is an exeption?! Some of you ride it, how does it ride? Is it stiff and strong enough?
Schmolke Scandium Hardtail at +/- 1300 gr for 725 euros. Looks like a good frame also and Schmolke has a good reputation.

But still awaiting the lifetime guarantee on my Gary Fisher. We'll see what we'll get.

Thank you all

by Weenie

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by Dewillem

Actually I am also still looking into the titanium possibilities. That's my next focus, are there some good, light and fast frames under 1000 euros


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