What music do you like to listen to while riding?

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by mattr

Camilo wrote:It's silly because he's not on topic at all and also because he evidently thinks it's unsafe (which it isn't).
Except the research says it is. Much like any interruption to concentration. It's right at the bottom end of the list. But still on it.

Watching porn on a pad is much nearer the top of the list.

by Weenie

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by McNamara

Even if I thought it was completely safe, which I doubt it is, I wouldn't want to listen to music on a ride. I quite enjoy the sound of the bike; if I get bored on a solo ride, I just start talking to myself. ;)

In Chicago I used to see wankers riding along with earbuds in, both hands texting on their smartphone (look ma, no hands!) not paying attention to anything around them. These are the same people who blow red lights and don't even want to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. They get killed every now and then. Perhaps that put me off to music while cycling, plus every group ride I've ever been on prohibited earbuds. Another reason is that I care about audio quality, so I don't do low volume or only one earbud in. That would drive me nuts. If it's worth listening to, it's worth listening to with good quality sound, and actually paying attention to the music. If you feel comfortable sharing the road with cars and pedestrians while listening to your music, good for you. I don't. Please be careful out there.

Running is another matter. It's quite boring to me, compared to cycling, and I don't run in traffic, so I'll invariably listen to music then. The same goes for indoor cycling training or lifting weights. I usually go with metal/hard rock or some heavy EDM. If I am deliberately trying to keep the pace slow on an easy day, I'll pick some more chill music. Alternatively it can be fun to shuffle a playlist with fast and slow tempos, and turn it into a random interval workout.

Almost forgot, riding with headphones is a Rule #62 violation. I might have to try out some of those bone conduction headphones, though...

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by WheresWaldo

I am in the silence group, I listen to the trees rustling and the crickets chirping and the birds singing. I enjoy the sound of the wind whistling and the rubber as it rolls down the tarmac. I live in a suburb and only need to travel less than 5 miles to be riding along farmland. I do currently have a very short spot on my front tire where the Tufo Tubular Tape has lost a bit of adhesive, so every revolution I get the sound of the tire adhering then separating. The spot is about 15 mm long so I haven't 'fixed' it yet.

If I ride with a group I would rather converse than hide away with earbuds. In a small group you have a captive audience that you can force to listen to all your stories of glories past.

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by dgasmd

99% of the time I ride solo. Have been for years. When I do the occasional social ride, no music. However, I am forced to listen to everyone pointing out every pebble and crack in the road. Sometimes there is a nice conversation, but mostly think that if we are talking we are not going hard enough.

When riding solo, I always have noise canceling earbuds in place and listen to either an uptempo eclectic mix on my iPod or to the "club/dance radio" station on pandora. I still hear enough of the road. Is it unsafe? I personally don't think so. If you can tell by the noise from behind while you going 20-25+ MPH that the truck or car coming from behind you at 50 MPH is 1-2 ft too far to the right and will hit you, then you have a gift none of of us have!!

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by seanmolin

I'm a metal and hard rock sort of guy. Everything from Rage Against The Machine to Pantera to Dream Theater. I will say that I recently did a ride to Korn's "Follow The Leader" album and it was brilliant.

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by Junior7

Impossible to hear music and riding bike.

Distraction dangerous.

Music listen at home.

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by seanmolin

Junior7 wrote:Impossible to hear music and riding bike.

Distraction dangerous.

Music listen at home.

I use bone conduction headphones that don't cover your ears. I can hear everything around me along with the music.

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by bomber

Nefarious86 wrote:Back pocket or strapped under the saddle with a speedsleve + spotify.

You're having a laugh right? Hopefully not on a bunch ride...

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by McNamara

There were a few people at the Hotter 'n Hell 100 this Saturday with speakers on their bikes (not like the picture above, but the one Nefarious posted). F***ing obnoxious. I didn't sign up for a century to hear your crap music for 5+ hours. Thankfully, none of them were in my vicinity for long.

...Now, if someone had been blasting music that I actually liked, I might have latched onto their wheel for a few songs, ha ha!

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by RoadBikeStudio

Wireless buds and Pandora streaming from my phone.

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by jimborello

Any Spotify list I find interesting before I start riding. Riding solo on the backroads is a good time to listen to new music you wouldnt be listening to otherwise.

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by jeffy

Wheeler Walker Jr. All day, every ride.

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by tymon_tm

I never ever listen to music while riding. it just doesn't seem to fit the idea of being outdoors. but on trainers, I can't put up without it. so basically everything up beat or even 'aggressive', from hip hop to guitar-ish stuff - someone here mentioned RATM. QOTSA, Type o Neg, classic stuff like B.Sabbath, Led Zepp, new stuff like Metric or Yeah Yeah Yeahs,.. Pearl Jam's a very good trainer band too. depending on the mood I also choose between some electronics, e.g. Paul Kalkbrenner, Bonobo, Amon Tobin.. I've tons of it, I literally listen to music all the time (working, eating, reading, resting, driving.. you get the picture) so it's pretty hard to name cycling specific artists, but yesterday I had a nice late evening trainer ride with Hozier and Tei Shi :thumbup:
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

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by KWalker

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by dereksmalls

KWalker wrote:Vengaboyz

What ever floats ya boat! :lol:

I prefer Spicegirls myself, but was riding in to work listening to Lily Allen this morning. Brightened my morning up no end!

by Weenie

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