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by GrandCanyon

Want to put my bike on here for all to admire but don't know how to get my image details from flickr where my pics are stored.
Can someone give me an idiots guide as to how to post pictures please?? Ta.

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by Raineman

[img]link to photo[/img]

e.g: [img][/img]

by Weenie

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by deek

You need to host the image online somewhere first. is a good, free example. There are many other options.

Edit: Obviously didn't read your OP. On Flickr, go to your picture that you want to share. Then there's a "Share" icon in the bottom right. It looks like an arrow. Select "BB code" and the size of the picture you'd like, then paste that code into a post.

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by survivor

I think you will need to gain certain post before you can start attaching image. I wanted to do the same but can't since I just newly join this forum.

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by Juanmoretime

There is a difference between adding an attachment and putting an image link in the body of a post. You can do the latter at anytime being a registered member.

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by HammerTime2

That's not the complete story, juanmoretime. I, esteemed long-time member with many posts that I am, can not post an attachment in Cycle Chat. I think this is related to a board change a couple of years back in which attachments could no longer be posted to many of the forums. I think some (most?) forums were fixed to allow attachments, but Cycle Chat has not been. Maybe a certain well known and loved Administrator could bring that to the attention of the relevant personnel.

Perhaps you recall our earlier exchange on this topic. This is how it ended.
On June 17, 2013 in Question about today's changes/updates?, HammerTime2 wrote:It appears that file attachment capability still exists for General boards (Weight Weenies and Introduce Yourself / Gallery), but not for Discussion boards (MTB, Road, Cyclocross / Touring, Training, Cycle Chat).

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by BikeFanatic

So can I post an image of my bike directly as an attachment on the Introduce Yourself / Gallery page without having to link it to an outside entity?

If so how do I go about it?

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by djconnel

Related: ImageShack just decided to no longer display any of my images there unless I paid up.... $1.50/month with their 50% off discount so I paid.

I switched to Imgur early last year but all of my blog posts 2008-2013 are essentially held hostage.

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by prendrefeu

When using flickr (which is among the better of the image hosting options), click on the download icon on the lower right of the image (arrow pointing downwards) and select "View All Sizes"
From there you will see a variety of sizes available... I typically choose Medium 800.
Click on the size you want. The page will re-fresh with the image at its chosen size.
You'll see a link that reads "Download the [Medium 800] size of this photo" - Copy that link!

in your post, insert that link between the tags.
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by Vladski21

Does flickr cost anything?

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by Frankie - B

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by Jepas

Some of the free image posting services show our images on the web for a limited period o time. What image service do you recomend?

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by BRM

There are many image hosts, but not all are recommended or easy to use or keep your pics for longer time. Here are some quality ones that also work with free accounts.

Google+ Photos

And here are some known and interesting others described. ... es-1357014

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by Jepas

Thank you very much BRM

by Weenie

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by Miller

How can I post an animated gif?

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