GPS tracking for road bikes-which one? Stolen bike sticky?

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el condor
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by el condor

As my bike got stolen I was searching the net for after market retro fit of a tracking device, found a company that has a device to be put into the fork, but upon enquire a bit more I was told it doesn't work well with carbon fibre forks as it's shielding the ems frequency. Has anyone got a good working system that works all over the world or know of one?
I was also thinking, why not open a thread for stolen bikes and make it sticky?
El Condor

by Weenie

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by Valbrona

I believe there is a rear light on the market with mobile phone/GPS circuitry.

How did you get your bike nicked?

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by sungod

i'd think a metal steerer would shield things even more than a cf one

with cf a bigger problem may be that the thicker steerer wall means the inside diameter is too small to fit the device

i've only had one bike stolen - and do no want to ever have that happen again! - a few days later i found the thief's advert on a website notorious for stolen property, but the ad was posted same day the bike was stolen and it sold in hours, the photo they posted showed all accessories had been removed, saddle bag etc., this makes it harder to identify the bike and the parts can be discarded or sold separately for more profit

lights etc. i think would quickly be removed, if the bike is unusual it may even get stripped for sale as parts or even sent to another country, so if you really want to fit a tracker i'd go for the steerer mounted one as it's more likely to remain unnoticed long enough to be useful

either way you'll need to keep it charged and the make sure the sim card stays activated and will operate in all the countries you need

looks like there's also a seatpost version on the way

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