My new BMC build

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by boozeman27

Hi all! Just put this beauty together. 2014 BMC Team Machine SLR01 with DA 9070. Came from Cervelo R3Team and let me say the frame feel is night and day different. Better in every regard. Lighter, stiffer, more compliant. The best climbing road frame on the market today imo. Image

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by Weenie

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by efeballi

Specs? Weight? Btw I hope you didn't dial in your fit yet, as that tower of spacers really bothers me...

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by FIJIGabe

Off the bat, it looks like a promising build. It appears you've picked some nice components, but please give us a rundown of what you have put on the bike. My only concern, as efeballi points out, is that the fit may be off (maybe the wrong size frame?). That many spacers with that offset on the saddle tells me (and I'm an amateur) that the frame may be too small. I might be wrong, but it certainly isn't aesthetically pleasing.

It still appears to be a nice build, and there are many WW BMC's on this board, so you'll have plenty of company on here, and plenty of people to learn from, as you try to make your bike lighter!
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by mannymerc

Cool bike, it would look really bad ace with a -17 slammed stem.

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by TwiggyTN

Nice bike but yeah, that spacer tower, no.

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by Voye

I really love those bikes. They are probably my favs staight looking, do it all race bikes There is obviously a reason why that's pretty much all what the BMC team is riding day in day out. Great build although as the others mentionned I would question the actual safety of amount of spacers on that steer tube at the moment. I would also have to give you a C- or a D for not lining up the tire marking with the valve hole. ;-)

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by dj97223

I'm guessing you need the spacers for a proper fit. If so, rock on.
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by btompkins0112

He came from and R3 which has a higher stack/taller headtube than this so my guess is that he needs the spacers.....the lack of appreciable drop is what bothers me aesthetically. Nice ride though otherwise.

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by jonas

Looks fast! Possibly the cleanest rear light mount i've seen.

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by ttigg

boozeman27 wrote:Image

LOVE the Zipps and DA di2. So you came from an R3 and the BMC is a much better climber? Interesting to hear you say this so I'll have to consider this in the mix. I've been considering building one just like this but with Enve 3.4 Clinchers so I'll have to see about going to a demo day to get a good ride on one.

Thanks for the feedback on the climbing aspect of the bike

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by petal666

2cm saddle to bars drop. Not everyone needs to be slammed, but wow.

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by bencolem

You list that build spec out to me and I'm drooling. You show me the pictures and I'm meh at best. Got to be those spacers, the rear light, those thick bottles cages, the misaligned tires. It's like how can something be so close and yet so far away?

by Weenie

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by Philbar72

the spacer tower is a huge no no for me the rest of the build is solid.

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