Should Garmin allow STRAVA segments to be imported?

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by Hbrown

I realize that Garmin has Connect, which is actually competing with STRAVA, But, The platform is not as sociable as STRAVA, The information that Connect shows is great, and is actually more technical than STRAVA. Strava is just different. You mention Strava and you think, freinds, KOM's and did so and so ride today.

You get emails, that gets you off the couch and out there when you see that your freinds rode and you didn't. You compare yourself to others, you ride corses that the pro's rode and try to beat them. Its just social.

Connect is going that way too, but Strava is just ahead in that dept.

Competition is in everyones genes, whether we want to admit it or not, we compete with ourselves to get better times. We go for the KOM to be the best, and fight to hold on to it. It turns training into a freindly competition, so that we make ourselves push and train just a little harder.

Segments, from STRAVA on our Garmins would be the icing on the cake! Competition ,training and goals, on one device.

Can you imagine if our Garmins told you that a segment is approaching and will start in 100 ft? And tells you when it ends. and instantly tells you if you have the KOM or not. Not having to wait till you get home and upload it too see if all of the training paid off. Instantly knowing if you are in the top three, or the KING OF THE MOUNTAIN. I would be smiling all of the way home. Or taking a few extra miles so that I can get stronger and try for the KOM again tommorrow.

Garmin please talk to STRAVA. And STRAVA please talk to Garmin. Two of the best. if combined. WOW

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by Flyfishing3

I agree. Unlikely, but I'd like it

by Weenie

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by ichobi

Highly unlikely, the resources Garmin spent building Segment function would be utterly pointless then. It's good for us, but not very good for Garmin.

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by tinozee

There was some sort of device in development that attaches to glasses that does what you OP describe. ... -progress/

Another thing you can do for an immediate answer to KOMmage, is run your smart phone strava app at the same time as your garmin. Then when you stop to piss or whatever you can upload the mobile ride, see if you got it, and then delete the ride. You may also notice that the smartphone app can give an unfair advantage over a garmin, as much as 4 seconds, as it uses way fewer gps points within a given segment. Supposedly they are working on a way to have segment end points snap to a gps point that is common across all devices.

I agree with you about wanting the best of both, better data and reports, as well as all of the social aspects. The community at strava already exists (it's huge) and supports multiple devices, so I think it's more likely that they will remain the big dog. Hopefully their data handling improves soon.
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by spdntrxi

pipe dream... but I wish for it as well

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by 7ducati

Shouldn't the question be, should STRAVA allow Garmin to use their segments? Why would Strava want to help out a competitor?
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by kulivontot

Strava API lets you download segments no? That's how veloviewer and other 3rd party tools work. All someone needs is to write a data miner to convert and upload them through the garmin connect API (which I don't know if it supports this)

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by 7ducati

I'm not sure it let's you download them without authorization. When I started using veloviewer, I had to grant access to it through Strava. I'm not sure why Strava would let Garmin connect access their segments.
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by kulivontot

Yeah, but once you log in it lets you do download it. I'm saying not garmin, but a 3rd party developer is the one who would get it done.

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by Stegger

I think this could be interesting for you guys:

Not my work I should say, found it here:

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by auspete

I've been downloading strava segments and using them for ages.
Now they will auto start on the 810 as well as the 1000.
See the above post

by Weenie

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by grouk

and about virtual partner, now that the race shape is close we dont have any form to upload virtual partner from strava segments yesterday i have ask for support

my question
Daniel Pereira, Oct 14 02:06 PM:


now that race shape is close, there is any alternative to upload virtual partner to garmin?

Rudolph, Oct 14 04:45 PM:


I apologize for the inconvenience. Currently we are working on this feature but I do not have a timeline for its completion. I hope you have a wonderful day and keep up the great work.

Strava Support Team

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