Veloflex Roubaix - fixeable ?

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by nismosr

I have a veloflex roubaix 24mm I only put 20 miles on it and found out the other day that it has a cut in the middle, and when I went to put air on it the lining inside balloon outside the rubber, can it be fix ?



by Weenie

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by mvacolnago

Tire Alert will probably be able to fix it, I have had good luck with them replacing inner tubes and patching the cuts. I have heard stories about poor quality repairs from em too, guess I was lucky

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by ToffieBoi

Many times before, I patched the big cut like that inside the tyre with a regular patch, and it survived really well.
I did it for myself, and for friends.

So just take the tyre off, clean the area well and patch it.
Use a hand clamp to fix the patch.
And try the tyre.

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by Miller

The best thing to fix a gash like that is a piece of carcass off a tyre like Vittoria or Veloflex. I have an old Veloflex which I've stripped the tread off and it's my source for tyre boots like this.

A conventional puncture patch may lack sufficient mechanical strength to resist the pressure oft he inner tube for the gash shown in the photo.

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by ico

I patched the hole like that with tubeless patches, works just fine.

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by 9x12man

I run Veloflex Roubaix and have had them repaired several times. Your tub can easily be repaired. I am based in the UK.

I used to use Peter Burgin - however he sadly passed away last year. Can I just say how great this man was. Every time he did an amazing job. I would send off 3-4 tubs in a package along with the cash. A few weeks later my repaired tubs would come back with a little note explaining what he had done and how I should stop using liquid silicon! Sometimes the note would have example inner tubes stuck on with advice. I'm still riding on his repairs to this day. Gutted.

There does seem to be this place now - - I cannot vouch for the quality as I have not used them yet.

by Weenie

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by Geoff

Definitely fixable. That tire looks almost new, so bad luck! Whatever patch you use, it definitely needs to have some 'structure' to it to make-up for the damage to the casing. The trick will be gluing the basetape down properly. Personally, I recommend using a commercial carpet glue for that purpose.

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