Differences in bearing durability w/SPD-SL pedals

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by sanrensho

Has anyone noticed differences in *wet weather* bearing durability between the different levels of Shimano SPD-SL pedals?

I'm wondering if I should move my DA 7810 pedals to the rain/back-up bike, or just pick up a set of R550 or 5700 (carbon) pedals instead. I've had great bearing life with various DA pedals, but almost never used them in rain/wet.


by Weenie

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by 11.4

The 7810 pedals are among the most bulletproof of any pedals I've ever seen or worked with. I'd definitely hold onto them. There's an underground market in 7810s among people who prize their performance and their broad platform. I certainly would stick with the 7810s rather than go to a lower grade of carbon pedal. The 7810s last forever in the rain.

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