Moloko Plus 6.24 kg

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Long time listener, first time caller...

Bought the frame on ebay, and since it didn't have a name, I decided to call it Moloko Plus (Clockwork Orange fans know what I'm talking about)

Final weight: 6.24 kg
Eventually plan to upgrade groupset, buy weenie brakes, maybe lighter fork, more tuning, etc. for a sub 6 kg build.


Frame: ebay, 1000g
Fork: ebay, 350g (cut, w/crown race)
Headset: ebay, 76g
Extralight ultrastar expander, 7g
Fairwheel cap and bolt, 6g
Seatpost clamp: Woodman aluminum, 13g
Seatpost: ebay (trimmed), 150g
Seat: Selle Italia Flite TT, 160g
Stem: Ritchey WCS C260, 109g
Bar: Ritchey Superlogic II, 183g
Bartape: Lizard Skins DSP, 45g
Bottle cages and hardware: ebay cages, alu bolts, 50g
Cables and housing: Alligator ilinks, ~100g
Shifters: Campagnolo centaur, ~373g
Brakes: Campagnolo centaur, ~320g
Front derailleur: Campagnolo centaur, ~92g
Rear derailleur: Campagnolo centaur, ~220g
Crankset: Cannondale Hollowgram SISL2 w/spidering, compact, 555g w/bearings
Chainrings: NA
Chainring bolts: NA
Chain: KMC x10sl, ~240g
Cassette: Centaur 12-23, ~250g
Wheels: Reynolds DV46T
Tires: Vittoria Corsa Evo SC 25, 258g each
Pedals: Speedplay w/aftermarket Ti spindles, 163g










Moloko Plus 6.24 kg

"We haven't located us yet"

by Weenie


by Krull

great build with some nice details, hidden in the bike`s clean appearance. and: far from mainstream!

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by nayr497

I normally find Black Widows kinda boring. But, that is a classy bike and I really like it. Nice job, great attention to details.

Those wheels look very sharp with the Vittoria tires. Oh, and fellow old tyme Flite lover here. Very nice bike!

Oh yeah, and Moloko Plus clearly is the best recovery drink anyone could ask for. Cool name. Saw that movie via my older brother when I was pretty young. Still blows my mind many years later.
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by coppercook62

I like the gumwalls, sharp looking bike

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by 573

Like that lots.

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by FIJIGabe

Sweet bike!

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by vejnemojnen

a nice proof of that the 6.8kg WL is a bit outdated.. :) "only" Centaur components with a 1kilo frame and 350 g fork, 25mm tubbies and deep wheels, yet still well under the limit.

Congratulations, very wisely chosen kit. :)

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by bfno

Nice bike, very clean
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by gravity

This is a really nice bike, great proportion!

Couldn't find this frame anywhere in ebay or any other chinese vendors. Mind sharing where you bought it from?

p/s The humor in Clockwork Orange is too dry I don't consider it as humor at all..

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by lrdunc

Beautiful bike... :thumbup:

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@gravity, the frame is from Flyxii. It is the FR322 model. I got mine on ebay for ~450 shipped.

I have actually put record/super record on the bike now and the thread is in need of an update. Someday I'll get around to it.
Moloko Plus 6.24 kg

"We haven't located us yet"

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by reedplayer

looks good! i am thinking about getting one of those framesets. would you recommend it?
thank you, regards,

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by Tomstr

Very nice build and name, where are you and the droogs riding around? ;)

It's also a fine live band from some time ago.
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by Stolichnaya

Lookin' good. :thumbup:

But "Moloko" is white... unless you mix it with some Hershey's chocolate syrup. :D

by Weenie

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by Delorre

Very classy looking build :thumbup: One question : is that a 40 cm handlebar?

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