2003 Litespeed Ghisallo?

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by logella

Long time lurker but first time poster so be kind.

A 2003 Ghisallo has come to my attention that's for sale at what appears to be a reasonable price. I've searched the boards for information and didn't find anything specific. What are some things I should keep in mind and questions to ask when looking at the bike?

From the pictures I've seen there doesn't appear to be any damage although there appear to be some slide marks on the drive side pedal and brake lever. Not that big a deal to me as my intent would be to strip it down and start over.

If it matters it's a medium and I weigh in around 160 +/- 5lbs.


Search... :search:

https://www.google.com.au/search?q=Lite ... 66&bih=667

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by Fuchspk

Really nice looking and light frames. I just love them - BUT i can not ride them as i´m over 90kg and Litespeed said to me that i better keep away from them :p
So i never have ridden one and like i understand so are they really soft/weak in a way. So if you wanna do sprints and have a lot of power then you maybe will not be happy with a frame like this.

Otherwise the finish is nice like always with Litespeed and you just look out for any dents or cracks or something like that.

by Weenie

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by eric

If you search here you should turn up some good info as they were popular WW frames.

I'd inspect very carefully for cracks dings nicks etc. Ti does not like stress risers.

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by gitsome

They were nice frames but everyone I spoke to back the when I was looking into them told me they were noodles - not sure if that matters to you.
My wallet is the lightest thing on my bike.

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by logella

Thanks all. I've read about how some people think they are "noodles" especially for the heaver rider. I don't consider myself especially heavy or unfortunately someone that's throwing down huge power numbers in any sprints. I'm looking to build it up as a nice lightweight climber.

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by gitsome

Then its probably a great choice. They were very sexy ;)
My wallet is the lightest thing on my bike.

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by lannes

The later models (around 2006 - ) are stiffer due to the more ovalised seat and down tube (bb intersection) and beefier chain and seat stays (ovalised at the rear dropout)
The ovalised seat tube has a unique FD braze on clamp, so that is one way you can tell what model it is.

Also the medium given it's a smaller frame is stiffer.

I would check to see if there is any weld damage or cracking around the headset and BB.

My 2007 came with a of 180lbs weight limit recommndation on the frame.

You might find these catalogs interesting

http://mombat.org/MOMBAT/BikeHistoryPag ... d-2004.pdf
http://www.tirides.com/wp/tiridesfiles/ ... d-2006.pdf

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by xnavalav8r

I love my Ghisallo... even after all these years.

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by ghisallo2003

I have ridden and owned a lot of bikes, and have the pleasure of owning both an R3SL and Z3.

The ghisallo though is the only one that has a soul. I love riding it, even when I have other bikes to choose from.

by Weenie

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