Specialized Quarq Lockring Tool

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by NiFTY

After excellent service from quarq in regards to my dead specialized quarq spider, my spider is winging its way back to me, they are also sending me a lockring tool so I can change my cranks over myself. Does anyone have these and know what wrench diameter I need to use it. I want to buy a wrench bit which will attach to my 9/16 torque wrench so I can install it properly.


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by Weenie

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by aaric

Its on the order of 3" or so if I recall. I stick mine in my vise. I've got a crescent that works on it...a standard socket wouldn't work, because its not machined into a hex - it has parallel faces only. Perhaps a monster crow foot wrench could, but I doubt it. The issue is that you need to apply even pressure to it, or the tabs will jump out. If you do this multiple times, you can mar the tool / lockring to the point of it being unusable.

Also, you need to be careful when removing the existing spider - its pretty much a press fit. Pushing on the outside of the spider can damage it. I created a tool out of a PVC union using a dremel to clear the crank arm that works - 3" I believe.

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